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  • highlowsel highlowsel Apr 30, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    Bid $5.58

    Here in the opening 30 minutes the bid is continuing to show the strength it had yesterday. But the ask is showing large (for RFMD) so that's the battle line.....for now.

    American Net'Zen

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    • The large show on the earlier $5.59 ask looks to have been a sell side statement of "here and no further." The bid has since been enduring a rain of small print "stuff" to the tune of ~220K in volume, while a large show on the ask overhangs, that has sent it back to .51 in "toot sweet" fashion. But the bid has stiffened at that line, for now. So it looks like the .50's are the buy/sell battle zone. Could be a case of (on the 30day chart) RFMD using the function of time to work off an overbought situation. Let's see what happens next.

      Bid now $5.55

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      • High.....of course this is stating the obvious but I think it is VERY IMPORTANT. We all of a sudden blew through $5.60 after it appeared we might break $5.50. I believe that has some short term significance as we took out yesterdays old high. I don't feel you can sell here.......however, I was close at $5.50 for the first time since I bought the stock but they did a nice "head fake" so just maybe there are now buyers to overcome any short term selling pressure........for me it is wait and see and for the first time in abut 6 months my hand is on the trigger but not just yet....


      Truly, it is way too early in this run after breaking the old 52 week high of $5.50 to encounter this resistance. Yesterday there was no way they were going to allow us to go through $5.60. They just weren't and that was apparent. They are already IMHO trying to reverse this stock like they did when we broke $5.43 and only went to $5.50 (which I found amazing to be honest and figured it can't happen again but it is now becoming a possibility).

      We should have been off to the races like TQNT is is cutting through any resistance like a knife through butter and "here we go again". Honestly, I watch the action and it reminds me of the war at $5.45 which took 4 or 5 tries to breakthrough and I didn't expect another STAND this quickly. They just don't want to let this stock really run.......reminds me of the "PERFECT STORM" when the captain said "it just doesn't want to let us out".......same scenario......