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  • bonrusso bonrusso May 1, 2013 11:59 AM Flag


    Well boys I sold out (about half at $5.58-$5.60) and (about half at $5.44). It doesn't matter to me if this stock goes to $100 anymore.
    Truly, there are better stock to play (basically, anything but this stock) as today's action was the proof. You will never be able to trust this stock as evidenced by today. It took us forever to break $5.45 and the PUKES took us through it in less then an hour. Unfortunately, I was wrong and they were just "laying in hiding" and continue to be. They will NEVER let this stock have a run like TQNT just had. It has been up about $1.20 from $4.70 after it announced earnings last week.....BASICALLY, straight up. We can get UPGRADES and decent earnings and guidance and truy it isn't going to matter.
    THIS STOCK IS THE MOST RIGGED and CONTROLLED piece of garbage I have ever seen in my years of investing (and I have seen a lot unfortunately).
    Good luck to Rick (good call by the way), Monrio (you had the best analysis of anyone), HIGH LOW (keep trading this manipulated piece of garbage....if you can figure out the PUKES (and you have) you can make a lot of money).........good luck Johnnie Beans and even Spec.........I hope Beans you don't get burned you seem like a good person......Spec you wouldn't get burned because you are smart "go with the tide" will be out long before this TURD CRASHES SOMEDAY.
    Well, time to enjoy my summmer. I am not going to dig it in to anyone if this stock goes to $4 as you are all decent people and who knows it may hit $6 or $7 but I don't believe that is on the table anymore at least not until late fall/early winter......fundamentals will ultimately override but this stock will be kept in check by the PUKES (maybe we somehow hit $6ish as they give us one last HEAD FAKE before taking us down like they did today.....they may want to make ONE LAST BIG KILLING and short the hell out of it the entire summer......they are CROOKS (well, just smart I know the game and play it !!!)