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  • bonrusso bonrusso May 16, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Some Observances

    I haven't been able to help myself and have watched this stock since I sold it weeks ago. I have been trading some other stocks and truly have been very successful (however, did sell Cisco before earnings and took some profits as I bought it the week before and let it run). I never trade in May but I have "dabbled some" this month after selling RFMD.
    However, I am glad I got out (at a little lower price then it trades today). I read the posts and it is almost humorous the DENIAL everyone continues to be in. I read "hey, the stock shouldn't be up it had a nice run". PLEASE !!! Look at SWKS and better yet TQNT (it is up another 10 cents today). Other stocks have continued to run and truly this stock is just waiting for the market to correct so it can head quickly down to $5 or less. That should be OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE.....the market has been on a tear since MAy 2nd and this stock has done NOTHING !!!! Again, NOTHING !!!! I truly have made more money being in and out of other stocks the last couple of weeks and don't ever know if I will come back to this manipulated piece of CR**.
    Wait, I am wroing. I will if it pulls back enough and buy it a few days BEFORE EARNINGS because that is normally good for 2-3 percent run up......but that is about it. There are so many better places to make money and truly I feel SO GOOD aftr I sold this stock. I MADE A GOOD BIT OF MONEY but truly I could have made more in so many other stocks I follow......the VOLUME HAS STUNK and they haven't wanted this stock to go past $ my opinion if we break $5.50 you can say hello to $5 or less within weeks and that is where I would put a stop loss (or maybe $5.45 the old resistance we could never get through).
    Good luck to everyone. I have found the posts today very HUMOROUS. Same people making excuses for the stocks performance and truly THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER.......the stock is sucking wind during this massive rally and that IS NOT A GOOD SIGN........wake up !!!

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    • jezzzzzz another one who LOVES to suck his own di(((((k and blow smoke up his az((((zzzzz. you pompous sure your not rickadonkey????

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I thought you gave your farewell post. Be gone already. Don't you have pinball playing and yacht sailing to attend to? LOL!

      Seriously, get lost already. You are a clown with all your bloated immature posts. Here you are, a total loser posting on a RFMD message board and claiming to be the King of Washington stealing from the low lives of the world. You are one pathetic loser. And by the way, it's OK to admit you made a few hundred bucks and you work hard at Dunkin Donuts. We all need a job. We won't think less of you.

    • Some Observances? You mean to say "observations," dunderhead. Why don't you take some of your Pokemon/Burger King pretend winnings and get educated? You might want to lay off the Caps lock, as well. It only accentuates your total ignorance of trading this market (along with all other elemental areas of study, for that matter).

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      • Maybe he meant to say obstetrics? How about ostrich?

        You know, something which starts with o, and involves sticking your head in a dark place.

      • Sorry about the grammatical error. I am a CPA (or used to be before I retired in my "fantasy world" at 50).

        I can tell you one thing I know for sure. I don't waste my time drinking strohs beer thats for sure. If I do drink beer (which is rare as I like mixed drinks) it is Land Shark or Blue Moon. Thats right "probably only in my fantasy world". Too funny. I truly wish you knew my lifestyle you would probably hang yourself as I am still laying in bed after doing a quick XOM trade this morning which netted me $3K (bought the dip down and sold when the gap filled from this morning). However, to do a trade like that you need about $450K so a small move can make you that kind of money. With your $5K trading account I would have only made about $30 so my grammar sucks but my math is still good....oh wait......$16 after $14 in commissions (commisions really don't come into play when you do large trades so I never even calculate them).

        Good luck Strohs........I love people who truly "assume" everyone is a lier........most are but luckly for me I am telling the truth. Of course you will not believe this but my wife (who still works) had a nice $8K week so for me "life is good". Why I can sit home and "mess around for fun" and do a little trading.

        As for RFMD it will see under $5 when we FINALLY have a correction (one of these days......I thought it would be May but have been trading the rally which I NEVER DO......however, this is INSANE but it will end badly it always does !!!).

    • And isn't this the same thing I have been saying for two months?

      You are a complete jerk to have pumped this stock, sold it and then come back to taunt these people who are still holding the stock. I pity them. You taunt them with your bravado.

      Get lost.

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      • I made it very clear to everyone on this board my feelings about this stock. I felt all along the company did a very good job from the time I bought it but it was manipulated by the PUKES more then any stock I have ever owned.

        I am not taunting everyone but my point is so many on this board are in DENIAL and can not see this stock for what it is. I watch it because if it ever does have a HUGE PULL BACK I know the company well enough that I would play a trade for earnings.

        THIS IS NOT A BUY AND HOLD STOCK in my opinion and truly rather then make 40% in the six months I held it I should have made a lot more as most of its moves are predictable. Right now it is in a tight trading range between $5.50-$5.75.............which way it breaks nobody knows but I would not hold it if it broke $5.45 for sure and that is GOOD ADVICE not TAUNTING.

        You aggravate these people. I forgot more about this company in the 2 weeks since I sold it then you will ever know. At least I OWNED the stock and DON'T POST just to AGGRAVATE THEM like you do. Why do you waste your time. I made approximately $120K in 6 months that is why I wasted my time. You are the ultimate loser. You don't own it and you post !!!

    • tracey563 May 16, 2013 12:56 PM Flag

      of course there is the matter of the presentation that may still be going on

      Sentiment: Hold