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  • speculamania speculamania May 30, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    so the Davidson analyst guesses rfmd PA in low end iPhone

    is that the new way to recommend a stock: guessing?

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    • Yes, it's exactly how it works. have intuitions about the market, Tell me, why then if they were made upon scientific proofs the bubble happened? Simply because the company say something, (which doesn't necessarily happen) and the analysts make forecast, sometimes they are widely proved to be wrong. Maybe using the word guess is probably the best thing. If an investor is smart, should take the analyst guess and make his/her own due diligence.

    • did you cover short? shorts, almost convinced me to let go of my $4.20 shares....its good I was to busy at work to track. Now I'll wait for $6.50 to let go of half of them.

    • The analysts are a strange bunch, but logic dictates Rfmd would get a PA in a cheaper iPhone for at least three or four good reasons. Overall, Shah is just saying out loud what many have suspected, but I agree with you, Spec: Why base a formal recommendation to buy on something still a hunch.

    • Spec,

      Found the BETTER REASON for the stock being up ....... AVAGO had a nice beat and good guidance and this has been the catalyst for the sector. They said that they expect lots of orders from Apple in their Fiscal third quarter......we are always silent with respect to any of our vendors......guess that is why they are up about 10%........mgt. says what it needs to especially when it has good news.......this should provide a good back I need a nice sell off as during a sell off all good news is forgotten and I now feel the risk/reward is probably really good going into earnings so if we get a nice pull back I will take a nice position a few days before earnings and probably hold it through earnings (which I wasn't going to do)......................of course still sell into strength afer as it is RFMD......LOL !!!! Then I can get bashed that I am a PUMPER.....whatever.

      Good luck but it was AVAGO more then the upgrade which makes sense. Thats right tell the other guys that a pumper doesn't waste their time doing research as to why the stock went up.......LOL !!!

      Got to run and call it a day........totally blew this week.......well it happens and there is always next week to try again (first losing week in a long time but it happens). I guess I eat at McDonalds this weekend............thats right I always eat at Mc Donalds per STROHS BEER......if he only knew the truth he would probably hang himself !!!!

    • Spec,

      LOL........excellent point. I will say one thing it just went through $5.45 like a knife through HOT BUTTER.......great sign for you. Told you not to worry yesterday if you read my post. I just wish I took my own advice as this would have been a great trade....don't sell this thing might run through $6 if the market doesn;t sell off. This is NOT because of the Davidson upgrade or GUESS.....this is way more then that. Trust me, we will be the last to know but the CROOKS KNOW and knew this morning when they started loading up around $5.20 for the ride up.......that is the problem they know information we will NEVER know......never has been or will be a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.....stock should have bounced off of $5.10 or so but not like this....this is more then a TECHNICAL BOUNCE in my opinion as something good is out or who knows maybe the GUESS about the Iphone fueled speculation which can take a stock a long way in this market........LOOK AT TQNT !!!! Couple of positive comments by mgt. and it hasn't looked back for weeks !!!!

      Going through $5.45 is big in my opinion.......didn't even slow it this is more then a technical move as the PUKES would have tried to make some easy money and reversed it at $5.45 but they didn't even try......too much volume so they "walked away" which means this stock should take out its HIGH in my opinion this rate might be

      Good luck.....see when you are ready to "give up" that is normally when this happens.....they try your patience and when people throw in the towel....BAM !!!!!!! !!!

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      • russo,
        It looks like somebody tried to turn it around after the interim peak at 5.47-8 with 1.75M shares but failed and gave up for the rest of the day. Tomorrow will be interesting to see how the MM respond to today's high volume rally... I doubt that they shot their wad and will try again to drive it down. If few buyers show up tomorrow morning expect them to go for it right away otherwise they will wait till the correction about $6 before they do their magic...

    • He heard fingenius owned it was all he needed to know.

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