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  • rickarooski rickarooski May 31, 2013 9:42 PM Flag

    Not a bad call. (5.08 gets 5.13) But still no respect.

    Gotta love these board. Ya try to help people to gain an advantage and look at the reply. (Notwithstanding the Short-clown as he's worthless garbage anyway. Hasn't offered 1 cent of help yet bags on others.)

    So the 5.08 wasn't reached but it wasn't missed by much. BTW, who saw that upgrade coming??
    But guess what. If you want to make some money there's still time and technique. The 200 point today isn't uneventful. The pukes are getting ready to reverse but it can't happen until the volutility is increased remarkably. That, which is just now starting to happen. (June swoon? Copyright protected!!)

    So here's the play. As with any "gap-up" you can expect a 50% retracement. So, short RFMD back to the 5.31 level and then BUY and hold as the cadence of the pukes-of-old has been broken. It won't be TQNT-esque but it will be up.

    One day one of you readers will cut me a check for the money you've made from these suggestions. Yea right!

    Carry on.

    Hey Shorts-nut. I think the call was spot on. Eh?? But you were too mesmerized in your own ignorance to see that the day before the spike, came 5.13 (Jerk!)