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  • bonrusso bonrusso Jun 4, 2013 5:11 PM Flag


    The guy who gave me grief for selling mine weeks ago (at a much higher price) sold his today. I "pumped the stock" but made it clear I was most likely selling after earnings due to seasonality.

    I just missed buying back half the position I sold last week but "just missed it". I am with Spec, Monrio and Rick and truly believe (as I always have) that this Company is doing a lot right as evidenced by the presentation today. I almost jumped in again today at around $5.25ish but just can't pull the trigger. I am afraid (as is Fingenius that the market might finally be correcting and this week has worried me (due to Fridays Unemployment report). Still hoping for a couple of big down days on the major indexes and hoping it brings this stock to around $5.10 or lower and I am back in prior to earnings. Thought I was going to get there today when we hit $5.24 and the market was dropping like a rock.....Still think in a bad correction we hit around $4.80ish but not sure if we get a 10% correction that we would need to get there so $5.10ish is a half position and if we drop further "keep some powder dry" as we might get the "JUNE SWOON" (hey, we didn't get the sell in May and Go Away).......

    Todays action is worrisome short term. They tried REAL HARD to push the indexes positive and FAILED so I can't see how this is good for the short term. They BULLS shot A LOT of bullets today the last couple of hours and couldn't get it positive.......look for the BEARS to try to take the market down (due to fear about Fridays report) tomorrow and Thursday. If that happens Thursday late might be the time to "take a shot" ....if not, Friday may give a great opportunity (late in day) if the Unemployment report is good and taper worries creep in.

    BIGGEST CONCERN I HAVE is FINGENIOUS SOLD which probably means we get an upgrade tomorrow and go to $6 fairly quickly......that guy has no clue and for him to sell is probably a buy sign for this stock !!!

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