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  • bonrusso bonrusso Jun 7, 2013 5:15 PM Flag

    MONROI, RICK and SPEC......

    As I have wrote I am back in (couldn't resist once we broke $5.10).
    Read the DA DAVIDSON report issued today (I had not read that when I bought but truly HIS LOGIC was mine EXACTLY when I bought and coupled with listening to the call last night from Tuesday I felt this was more "noise" and at over 2% down was way overdone (come on SAMSUNG was only down 6% and we were down at one point 3% and they are not a 50% customer).
    If their is "global weakness" then why did AVAGO announce nice results and I don't buy many tech stocks are trading well so I dont feel cell phone sales are "declining overall" and that is the only "game changer" and then so many companies should be selling off........RFMD sold off like Samsung was a 40-50 percent customer and their is a chance that the lower priced phones from Samsung might even off set the high end which might end up in a "wash or close to it" RFMD most likely will not have the same profit drop from Samsung as Samsung has and Samsung is below 20% so my feeling is today it should have been down 1% AT MOST and that would be in a FLAT MARKET but with the market up we shold have been about even at worst for the hitting $5.025 was ridiculous (down over 3% at that point !!!).
    Let me know your guys view. Also, how overdone do you guys feel today was and do you feel we close next week above $5.09 assuming the market is approximately flat for next week........I feel in a flat market next week we close where we should have today which I feel was $5.21 (even for the day) or better next Friday.......after next week we are a little over a month away from earnings...finally, do you guys feel we are above $5.50 BEFORE EARNINGS in a flat market ??? I feel we are withing striking distance of $5.75 before earnings and above $5.50 based on prior price action of this stock prior to earnings.....I DON'T SEE US UNDER $5.00 prior to earnings so we will probably reverse soon if not Monday as I suspect

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    • Bon. I'm honored to be in the same header title as Monrio. But how insulting can you be to put Spec in the same company???????
      Just because she posts often doesn't put ANY merit to the cut / paste garbage she adds to the board. I'm offended!!

      Carry on. (minus Spec of course)

    • made the same reasoning as you and bought some near the low but this is an abolute s*h*it stock and with a management team giving the wrong signals to the market by selling stock (brug sold 50000 this week and crev 10000). I hate this management. I hope this time I will not fall into a trap by coming back to this imbicile company and listening to the stories of prid&brug.