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  • rickarooski rickarooski Jun 7, 2013 10:23 PM Flag

    Don't know how much more I can help. Geez.

    I gave invaluable insite to this board (free of charge BTW!!!!!) and it sounded like this.
    There are 2 (TWO) inflection points. One was at 5.08, BTW, how'd that one turn out??!! And the second was as 4.XX (You'll need to search for XX at this point, tired of freebies)

    So if you took a nibble at 5.08 at sat, you'd be in a great position to average back in. Unless, of course you traded "in" at 5.13 and got out at 5.5X when the pukes head-faked the market, AGAIN. Well it's back to sub 5.08 and heading for the next reflection point where you should buy it and HOLD IT!!!!!!! The trading thing will lose you money at this point as it's in the price range to do VERY WELL by years' end. Did you all read that???? A long term hold til the end of 13, to, Feb of 14.

    If you choose to trade or day-to-day at this juncture, please don't enter this board as you've got nothing to offer. The OEM's are aligned, the product has a following. After 6 years of nuttiness just sit back and reap the benefits of the past pains.

    Don't know what more I can add without sounding like DBR or the other dribblers on this board. Sit BACK and WAIT!!!!!!! If you followed my posts over the last 6 years you'll know just how atypical that message is. Therefore, ...................

    Carry on.

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    • Are you kidding me? You pompous pos. the only thing you are good at is ( like I said 1009 times) the only thing you are good at is sucking your own di((((((((((ck. and blowing smoke ip your own You my friend are a worthless pos.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • "free of charge"
      Holly #$%$ its a freakin MB...Rooski
      yes you've made a lot of good calls but seriously deflate your ego a couple of notches
      next time I see you...will be sure to Gingerflex & kiss the ring...until then please Carry On!
      It'll be okay as long as you remenber....We're not worthy

    • Rick,
      As always your insight is appreciated. You and Monroi make good sense.
      I believe your hold is right on and based on some other years we should be approaching the "sweet spot".
      As for TA you are way beyond me. HOWEVER, I do believe there is a decen possiblitly we are in an upward channel the last 6-7 months . Take a look at the chart. If you connect the highs and the lows it appears to me the closing price of $5.09 or so was right at the bottom of this channel. The high of this channel around July should get us close to $6 or above after earnings. We keep touching the higs and lows BUT WITHIN this channel which is becoming more defined and obvious.
      With that being said, that is why I bought half my position around this level. We may break below for a day or intraday but unless the market corrects heavily I believe we should be right back in this channel by the end of this week as Friday seemed to be an overreaction was my point. Downward momentum is tough to stop but once it reverses we can bounce hard with any good news from APPL this week or an analyst rebutting some of the Samsung weakness (which is still somewhat speculation and maybe has been made up by Samsung lower end phones which might negate any damage to us).
      I believe you have a target of $4.80 which is possible as well but hopefully we don't get there and I am thinkingn of adding more on Monday if we hold the low of $5.025 (we have some room to move down a little and head fake and shoot up and if we hold the low and close close to $5.20 I believe we can run some as the news wasn't bad enough in my opinion to take us down like it did so we should get it back next week).
      CHECK THE CHANNEL and give me your takes time for a channel to become obvious (doesn't happen in a month or two) but I believe one has formed and should give us some insight into where RFMD might hope is we have a break-out to the upside of the channel later this year.