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  • rickarooski rickarooski Jun 13, 2013 5:04 PM Flag

    FWIW Re:tomorrow

    Since retail is powerless as to the direction of the market we're left to historic actions as a guide.
    My observations of a market that's providing this much volutility is preparing to reverse course as the swings from long to short positions has to show itself.

    To this meek and humble observer, the 3 down days, followed by todays euphoria, is noting more than a continuation of the downward trend. (ya gotta load "up" to appreciate a gain on the way down.)

    Therefore, 2 positions that had excellent trading days today were closed as I can see an minor head fake to-the-up in Fridays' opening only to drift down through the day. But That's JMO and my observation. My track record is more right than wrong (but certainly not that of coin flips), so I could be off on this.

    This is NOT a healthy time fro the market and I'm suggesting risk-on (I hate that phrase!). Which is why my call for a new position in RFMD is set as written.

    Carry on.

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    • it is clear you are the idiot of the idiots

    • Your post is a little bit confusing. Are you saying "RFMD is a short term sell as the result of the overall market turning".

      Don't understand how you would feel if the overall market is aout to reverse that risk on (buying RFMD) makes sense.

      Personally, I feel tomorrow is important AGAIN for RFMD. If we go down HARD AGAIN this would be TERRIBLE short term. This would be the THIRD TIME in about 2 weeks that we shoot up on HEAVY VOLUME only to go back down and hit a lower level. The GOING UP ON HEAVEY VOLUME is GREAT the going back down to LOWER LOWS (after LOWER HIGHS) is VERY BAD.

      RFMD the last two weeks has been trading very predictable (PUKES selling EVERY POP the next day !!!). We haven't had 2 up days in tomorrow is eithr going to be a change in SHORT TERM TREND (if we are up) or WE ARE GOING TO BREAK $5 next week (if we have a down day tomorrow). THAT IS HOW I SEE IT.

      What are your feelings ???? Due you feel if the maket is up that RFMD FINALLY HAS SOME FOLLOW THROUGH ?????? Or do you feel RFMD is in a short term downtrend until we get into the $4's and reverse for good hopefully.

    • Re:FWIW........................ as an fyi: it's worth nothing.