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  • dbr_x6 dbr_x6 Jun 24, 2013 2:39 PM Flag

    Goldbuggers being wiped out, as the pee-metal crashes along with the market.

    Proving yet again that gold is nothing more than a high beta market trade, more correlated to the Chinese middle class than to inflation.

    this could get ugly

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    • another_margin_call_2012 another_margin_call_2012 Jun 26, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

      best trade of the yr turns out to cost me the selling to soon
      was in DUST back in Jan (check the MB it was dead back then) rode DUST from just under $30 to $50...after consolidation period doubled down at $50 rode it to $120 and sold at $95. When it touched $75 I was the master trader. Today it hit + $160 not such a good trade now
      Its one thing to ride a NOK or RFMD once every 3 months after earnings and risk a potential 10-15% move...its another to do it 3 times a week in 3X leverage ETF or ETN that can move 20% in a day
      waking up at 3:00 AM to check the price of gold wears an old man down
      living in TX & OK have seen a lot of investors lose their #$%$ trying to catch the bottom of oil & gas stocks...precious metals bottom fishing is #$%$ slapping those doing the same

    • You still wasting your life? Do you understand that no one cares what you have to day? What will your epitaph say I'm proud that I wasted my life on a Message boards? What a sad pos

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