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  • rickarooski rickarooski Aug 6, 2013 9:46 PM Flag

    How predictable can this get?

    Well the pukes allowed RFMD to reach new highs. That was only to fool the easily fooled into thinking that RFMD was actually an equity worth holding onto. But, as the definition of insanity goes, trying to expect a different result ....... yada yada.
    Whereas RFMD was as easy pickings as it gets, TQNT is an enigma. The gap up should have retraced to some degree by now but the pukes that run that show are firmly anchored. They'll play with it as required to garnish enough negative sentiment, then, ripsaw it up to catch the unprepared.

    Mario. Have you been watching my stock? Hmmmm. We'll see if it's legit or just another pre-earnings set-up.
    Not a bad play to anticipate a good report but join the retreat back to 8.xx

    In summary, and to repeat myself, RFMD is a toy whose only value is one gained from the auction block. RFMD has customers and manufacturing. They can also be a value-added piece of a "REAL" company as the TQNT's (et al) of the world can reduce the overhead by removing the deadwood from the alley. RFMD's price??? a 15% premium to today's close. WRITE THAT DOWN. And BTW, it won't happen soon as the management team just dumped a boat-load of free shares on the market. NOTE: Follow the Form 4's of RFMD and you can follow the direction of the stock. THAT event is the largest tell that ANY company can share with (Choke-cough-spit-puke) investors.

    Carry on.