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  • rickarooski rickarooski Aug 14, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    Oppenheimer won't go to jail despite the lie (propadanda)

    They say that RFMD isunder-valued at the current price. They support their lie through the justification of the HUGE insider selling being 401K (ish) related. Lie, Lie, Lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are the very same insiders who DIDN't sell their FREE option just before reporting the last Q. You remember that one?? The Q where RFMD was on the way to 5.80. They didn't sell into THAT intil after the stagnated price of 5.25 was surpassed.

    What Oppenheimer ALS didn't mention is that the sales of the options were ALL, 1 day in advance of a precipitous plunge. Evidence again of Ms Rudy's phenominal super-power of being able to anticipate the highest prices to get out.

    As for today's news of "share-holder" approving all proposals. Oh PLEASE!!!!!!!! Why in the world would those that are the beneficiaries of these games discontinue the practice???????????

    Good thing we're all the wiser of RFMD sheninagans and we act accordingly instead of trying to fight the process throught a Yahoo board posting.

    Carry on.

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    • Yet another attempt to head-fake retailers.
      Why is this allowed to continue?
      The good news is repeated here. This board should be Sooooooo enlightened as to the antics surrounding RFMD. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this is a cash vehicle for insiders eith the blessings and assistance of anals (and esspecially the firms they represent)

      Here's how it should work going forward.
      Detailed disclaimers about the holdings of the anals' home firm MUST be disclosed at the time of the opinion!!!!!!! Additionally, since the anals know when they are to release their "opinions" (CHOKE-COUGH) the company they repesent MUST be disallowed trading involvement in the XXXXXX (where "X" is a reasonable time window prior to, and after the release)

      I think we can all comfortably summize that any anal opinion re:RFMD is a contrary indicator.
      These pizants are accountable to no one and are the cockroach of the financial world. Why are they allowed to exist. Better yet, other than a contrarian indicator, what value-added do they bring??

      The next traget price (hold on) is the support allowed at 4.53 (OUCH) For me, that'll be a comfortable entry point. Until then I'll hold my small short position and reap the profits of a predictable pattern.

      Carry on.