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  • drivingmustangs drivingmustangs Oct 14, 2013 1:53 PM Flag

    Now that I have walked this to $6.05!

    I am going to walk this to $6.25! Who wants to walk with me, I have plenty of legs left!

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    • this is going much higher - 7 next week, maybe 8+ next quarter

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • pqm,
        I sure hope so. The business seems healthy. However, the message needs to become more specific coming from management. Investors need to see the future better, see the specific high level of involvement of Rfmd with channel partners and OEMs. Investors need to see the future content and Rfmd leadership in certain areas.

        Right now investors are working off Brug's repetitive vague drone: "There are no customers we cannot grow with." "Rfmd content has grown 40%." These comments, while positive in the overall context, put no teeth into the share price and investor expectations. If 2014 is going to be up 15% in revenues, if 2014 content will grow another 10%, then Brug needs to describe why. If ET adds $1 to every Rfmd handset, say it. If CAgg adds 50 cents to each handset, say it. If Rfmd has 50% of the ET market, say it. Etc.

        Enough vague rhetoric. It's now time to set the table for investors if Rfmd truly has the goods. What Rfmd fails at, Hock Tan and David Aldrich excel at: instilling credible tangible confidence in the future performance of the company. Why Brug has not changed his approach with the investment community now that Rfmd is moving into areas of sustainable revenue and earnings is difficult to understand.

    • Unless earnings are spectacular, the best time to sell will probably be just prior to announcmement. At a few cents a chip, even 20 million chips don't add up very fast.

    • All by yer lonesome you did that? Impressive. ;-)

    • Needs A little more volume to get 6.25 .