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  • buytobuy7 buytobuy7 Nov 5, 1999 2:47 PM Flag

    TED says 38 by TODAY! HA HA HA (eom)


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    • Picture ! Now I really don't want to offend
      anyone, and I'm sorry about calling Ted a Looser. I
      really agree with rahod's post though.If you are long
      RFMD , and you would be nuts not to be, and you sell
      at 62 with the hope of buying back on an intraday
      dip, you really have to be pretty gutsy and glued to
      that monitor to do that. It can be done though, I just
      don't have the nerve that some do ( or the time).Let's
      review the situation with RFMD ( as I see it )1. Friday
      was a confirmed breakout for RFMD on what is already
      a confimed bull market.2.Wireless is poised for a
      huge expansion in 2000 and RFMD manufactures key chips
      for the lead suppliers of this wireless handset
      revolution.3. RFMD is under heavy institutional accumulation.4.
      Buying or selling by posters on this board has very
      little effect if any on the price of RFMD (Institutions
      have 100's of millions to lock up and are now scouring
      the market for the next big winners )5. RFMD's chart
      speaks volumes to me about the value of this company and
      it's telling me it is on a big leg up after
      oscillating the past 2-3 months due to market interest rate
      fears and the fact that we were in a correction. The
      chart tells me that this stock is like a coiled spring
      that was held down by the general market and is now
      ready to explode.6. OK I'm tired of blubbering here, I
      wish all of you big bucks !Sincerely,Philip

    • Warren Buffet stated that you should not short a
      stock where the company is making money. Of course he
      said that before we started to see these rediculous
      valuations in the market. Even with the high valuations it
      is very risky to short a stock like RFMD when it is
      growing its earnings so rapidly. Not only are the bottom
      line earnings growing the top line gross revenues are
      growing 100% year over year. If you short this stock you
      are betting on market setiment day to day, hour to
      hour, or minute to minute. You have to be very fast at
      covering your short position. As you know this is called
      market timing or day trading. Very few people make
      significant money day trading.

      If you have a stock
      with the growth potential of RFMD a much more
      successful strategy is to take a long position and hold it
      until the growth pattern changes and you feel that your
      money can earn a better return somewhere else.

    • NASDAQ has reached 3100. I doubt it will continue to rise next week. Sometime next week it it good time to take some profits.

    • Today's confirmed breakout is a buy signal for
      other investors. Some will think they can sell and get
      back in lower. I sold jdsu the day before earnings
      came out so that I could buy back on the dip. Guess
      what? Exactly. If you have held for this long why would
      you leave now. The CEO from jdsu recently said at a
      conference that you never leave a party before the booze is
      gone. This party is just beginning.

    • Hey, ANYTIME is a good time to take a profit! If
      you`re in a "sheltered" acct (IRA) then selling is a lot
      "easier"...but in regular acct, those capital gain taxes can
      KILL you and more than offset any potential gain of
      buying back lower!Also, when you sell (and don`t buy
      back) WHAT are you going to DO with the profits?? I
      have bought and HELD all my stocks since I got into
      individual stocks (RFMD..LGTO...QLGC..CTXS) mid-April and
      have made a KILLING!I did sell QLGC and CTXS recently,
      but only to around and buy GALT when it "went on
      sale" at 19! You have to expect corrections along the
      way, but holding GOOD growth stocks like RFMD
      eventually pays off. When you sell and buy back you have to
      be right TWICE...first selling at the "top" and then
      buying considerably lower. Sounds "easy" ain`t!

    • The trading firm determines when you must cover
      your short position. I guess it has possibilities but,
      as witnessed today, can cause lots of problems. Does
      that mean that if you have adequate cash reserves,
      that you can maintain a short position indefinitely?
      If you have a significant cash position, the risks
      are minimized due to the continuous market swings.
      Never the less, it's hard enough trying to come up with
      a bottom target; I don't think I'm ready to price
      the top as well.

    • <EOM>