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    • RFMD is a member of the Bluetooth SIG. The demand
      for RF chips for Bluetooth will be enormous, going
      from 0 to 260MM+ in 4 yrs. RFMD looks like an
      incredible bargain at $65!!! Go check out:

      To see some eye-popping charts etc. on where
      Bluetooth is headed go check

      Bluetooth shipments now are gearing up in the third and
      quarters. As more solutions become Bluetooth
      Special Interest
      Group (SIG) certified, shipments
      will pick up in the first half of
      2000 to be
      included in equipment for the second half. Bluetooth

      really will begin to sink its teeth into the market in
      2001. If
      acceptance in the marketplace goes well,
      the manufacture of
      Bluetooth-enabled equipment
      could exceed 400 million units by

      The opportunity for radio and baseband solutions will
      surpass to
      $1 billion in shipments by 2002 and will
      reach $3 billion by 2005.
      This is assuming that the
      delay between chip shipments and the
      cycle results in about 15 percent of the chips

      being shipped in the calendar year prior to the
      equipment being

      The first
      markets to take off primarily will be high-end
      and PCS handsets and notebook PCs that are geared
      the corporate market or business user. The reason
      for this is
      basically cost. Additionally, mobile
      warriors will be first to snatch
      the opportunity for
      synchronizing and sharing all kinds of
      information, such as
      contacts and calendars, between their
      mobile phone,
      notebook, and palm companion. These nomads
      also will be
      quite happy to leave their cables behind.

      terms of volume, the second wave will include digital
      printers, automotive, home networking, and a
      variety of vertical

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      • Bluetooth is great, glad to see the members
        finally coming to agreement, but I would buy ATML if I
        wanted to make a play on that market. SiGe should work
        well for that application. It wouldn't surprise me if
        RFMD plans to use ATML as a supplier using RFMD
        designs. Does anyone have more specifics on RFMD's
        activities and plans?

        Was it Intel or Microsoft that
        fought the standard because they were for a proprietary
        solution over an open solution? Wouldn't surprise me if it
        was both of them.