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  • txbanker23 txbanker23 Oct 26, 2000 9:38 PM Flag

    Never knew facts were considered

    bashing. I am also NOT saying my point of few is
    correct. I am asking open ended questions and I am also
    trying to support my reasoning based on real info
    supported with links, etc. I don't buy into the "everything
    will be OK, just wait until next qtr". Heard that from
    some other great companies like LU, MOT, AT&T, etc.

    Bottom line, the proof will be in the pudding over the
    next two qtrs. I may buy back in or I may not. I just
    don't know right now. Regardless, don't let my
    ramblings effect your points of view. Hopefully your points
    of view are based upon facts and business
    understanding. I'm rambling in the hope that somendoy can
    provide some more concrete info as to what went wrong
    during that two week period and how this thing could
    unravel so quickly.

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    • Thanks for your post. I agree with the majority
      of what you said. If I am off the mark it isn't the
      first time, nor the last. I just get sick of management
      getting blamed everytime there is a short term downturn
      in share price in any equity. If you are correct and
      txbanker held this stock for 1 1/2 years, he still made a
      tidy profit and to blast management because he sold at
      the wrong time and no longer has a position is off
      the mark also.

      As for the insider selling,
      personal decisions regarding individual shares is filed
      with the SEC. Everyone can see it! I own my own
      corporation, that doesn't mean I don't take profits for
      different reasons. I also don't put additional funds back
      into the company when it's earning profits on it's
      own. I put it in other investments as a hedge against
      an unforeseen downturn if it were to happen.

    • nt was evasive when I listened to the conference
      call. They were very upfront in stating what caused the
      recent downward revisement for Q4, and very bullish in
      their belief this would be a one quarter problem esp.
      with new generation phones coming out in early 2001.
      Only time they were evasive or seemed to be, was when
      asked what product and customer they were late in
      getting the cutting edge wireless product out. They said,
      they couldn't comment on the specifics of the product
      or the customer as they can't; that would be inside
      information. Analysts knew this and were cool about the
      response given.

      The main management mistake IMHO
      was not being able to be a fortune teller and seeing
      the slow down or delays in product needs and orders
      due to Motorola and Ericcson and Sagem (the French
      wireless co). These were mostly all beyond RFMD
      management's control. I agree though with your take that many
      other factors played a part in this overall downtrend.
      Nonetheless, I share in management's bullish outlook for 2001
      and the future of wireless and RFMD's continued
      position as a leader.

      RFMD management was as frank
      and forthright as they could have been under the
      circumstances. Who knows if they are right, but, given their
      past track record, exceeding earnings estimates for
      past 10 quarters, I will give them the benefit of the
      doubt this time around.

    • Crosspond --

      you are way off the mark
      here. you can comment on tx's analysis or predictions
      if you want, but saying he has short term
      perspective is flat out wrong. go back about a year and a
      half in the message history if you don't believe

      fwiw, i think this is a combination of mgt. mistakes
      and a coincidence of bad events (dot-bomb meltdown,
      overhyped 'analyst' wireless expectation, oil, euro rates,
      etc.) -- these factors are all somewhat dependent on
      each other, and losses in one feed losses in the rest,
      and so on. that's the way downturns work.
      the mgt
      mistakes, however, are another matter - i'm still undecided
      on this, but mgt's evasiveness is disconcerting.

    • txbanker,

      Truce! Our investment windows
      are different sizes. I will not let this escalate to
      personal attacks. I admire your style and your posts, but
      the simple fact is that since the IPO I have not seen
      management long term flaws. I don't base my opinions on a 2
      week period, or one conference call. I still believe
      that RFMD management is competent to get me an
      excellent ROI 3-5 years from now.

      A comparison may
      be baseball again. The Yankees made some bad
      decisions and lost a lot of games the past 3 years and they
      have made trades that did not make sense, but the fact
      remains they are World Champs 3 years running with
      excellent managers.(Not my team, but I respect their long
      term goals).

      I am sure that RFMD management
      made some errors in judgement, but I have seen zero
      evidence they attempted to deceive the public shareholders
      in any way.

      Good luck and God


    • TB, I agree with you. There still remain
      questions that management could respond to that would help
      stockholder confidence. The
      hammering received exceeded
      market moves in a
      broader sense.
      As an investor
      on the negative side of the paper the matter of
      confidence does'nt easily
      translate into my portfolio
      Easy to see insiders rah rah responses to
      valid concerns. They certainly don't want any
      out here.
      Gee, neither do I. Guess company
      leadership needs to open up.

    • I can appreciate your position. I also think that
      the short term and long term future of RFMD is
      bright, although it's going to take me a while to recover
      from the beating, and you can bet I'll be more

      Keep some of us like to hear bothe sides
      of the story.


    • Sounds like the die-hard RFMD bull is out and
      hoping for a much lower entry point.

      I lost alot
      of ira money on this thing and I can't even take a
      tax loss. I need 25 to break even.

      I am
      surprised you can forget all the positive things you said
      about the company over one earnings warning.

    • not created.

    • some of us appreciate you and sqz and all posters
      who ask hard questions. Thank you. Following blindly
      got me into this, and if I'm going to stay long, I
      want to know why I'm staying, and your questions help
      us assess the risk. Keep posting. Asking questions
      is not bashing.