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  • tutontuton tutontuton Dec 2, 2004 8:33 AM Flag

    Oh ye of little faith

    Within the last month, Sysco shares have risen closer to our 12-month target price of $39, which is based on our discounted-cash-flow model, using a 9% cost of capital and a terminal growth rate of 3%. We still see upside potential for the shares and, in combination with a dividend yield of about 2%, we anticipate a total return of about 12%. We believe inflation will moderate, as certain commodity pressures ease. Also, we see long-term efficiency gains with the opening of the first redistribution center in early 2005. We like Sysco for its market leadership and long-term growth potential.

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    • Erie, Isn't there guidelines and specific goals that management has to meet to get those "perks"? I do get a little "green"(jealous), when I see those numbers.$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Have a great holiday.

    • "ARE YOU ADDING A FUEL SURCHARGE" ? No we are not at this time Mike.

    • So, bluecubeman,

      Are you collecting a fuel surcharge?

      Mike J

    • Thanks, fellers.

      I'd be right proud if only we had gone UP $0.65/share today.

      But, tomorrow's another day.
      With my typical three meals.

      Mike J

    • Mike, Great post! People still and will always EAT OUT! Last year the percetage of meals eaten outside the home passed the 50% mark for the first time in history.I see just as many S.U.V.s in the parking lots as ever and the lines outside waiting to get in are still there as well! I drive for SYSCO and my truck is FULL everyday. Erie, I also see the "BIG WIGS" cashing in on their stock options etc. but that does not make SYSCO a bad company,does it?

    • Boy how I hate it when people confuse the issue with facts!

      Great post.

    • I just love this little guy!!
      "It's snowing still, " said Eeyore gloomily. "So it is." "And freezing." "Is it?" "Yes," said Eeyore. " However," he said, brightening up a little, "We haven't had an earthquake lately."

      Mike J

    • Good message tutontuton, especially about long-term efficiency and the first redistribution center opening early next year. Arn't redistribution centers the backbone of Walmart's fantastic growth? Sounds like syy is on the right track. It would be interesting to see some facts about these centers, how they work and the cost savings they offer.

      • 2 Replies to antisubvs38
      • Best example would be that of PetSmart (PETM). Take a look at the chart and their earnings. They opened up their first of five distribution centers right around 1999 or 2000 if I remember. They went from about $3 per share to $35 -- during the recession.

      • People drive to grocery stores so why not a restaurant? What about hotels and those traveling on business? Air traffic is up, so more business travelers, hospitals are full, prisons are full, schools are full, factory and office lunchrooms are full and don't forget, SYY sells a large amount to grocery store deli's.

        SYY is omni-present in the eating away from home market. Gas prices are small potatoes if someone is going to "entertain" themselves and leave the house. You act as if we have turned into a nation of homebodies. Gas prices are down from 6 months ago and that was before the recent drop (over 10%) in oil prices.

        If you would spend as much time finding a company that you like as you do bashing SYY, you could probable make all the money you want. We don't need a social hypocrite on this board. Take your onion stories, harassment claims, option whining to someone who cares. I wish I could give you a quarter.

        Geez, take a break and give the rest of us one as well. Your borish and not at all entertaining. We've heard your dialogue for too long and are very sorry you don't have a life and strongly recommend you try to find one. Maybe you can get a Kerry liberal to go out with you -- of course, if Kerry changed his story (everyday) maybe you should try something new. I have an idea -- shut up!

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