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  • js_55975 js_55975 Sep 29, 2005 10:05 AM Flag

    It's about time

    This stock started acting right.

    Now bring on twenty six bucks!

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    • JS 55975 You did make the last company rah rah meeting didn't you.
      It's not the independants Sysco needs to worry about nah! it's a general slowdown in the resturaunt biz ,brought on by a consumer that's having his disposable income sliced to pieces by energy prices.
      Gee I repeatedly see great numbers coming out of WMT Sams club. That couldn't possibly be some of your sales could it ? Those boy's at WMT are truly the goliath and have a habit of driving what works hard. Hope you have seniority.

    • Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

    • getting a little testy are we...first of all answer my question...why the 5.00 fee to some customers and not all....the only way you guys grow is through guys are the largest distributor in the world but you have less than 15%of the food service business...and you can crush us at anytime...doubt it guys would f-it up..whats your deal,you in sales .....and no
      mr js we dont sell everything...and guess what NEITHER DO said it yourself you can serve up to 70 % of their customers needs ...since when does 70% mean everything
      more later gotta run

    • Is that the best you can do?? I thought you had at least 1 more witty reply left in your bag of bashing! Have a great weekend.

    • Hello 3 stooges! I am not pumping up Sysco, just stating a FACT , as opposed to Erie's Bashing with NO facts! US FOODS is looking for you!! See ya.

    • yeah there's going to be a lot of changes alright. you independents are going to rise up and take on goliath.

      Then they'll just buy you. Sucks dudn't it.

      The only problem with Sysco is that righ here right now they're running at their best. A bad qtr because of natural disasters isn't a fault of the company. High fuel prices (which are coming down) effect everybody, including you.

      ""you might be fine there....but cuts are coming...""
      You have what business you have because Sysco doen't want it! It's not profitable for them to stop their trucks their but some how it is for you?
      You are playing on their feild and at any time they can crush you. Gee mister independent do you sell EVERYTHING a restaurant needs? Do you have meat, produce, dairy, staples, seafood, beverages, equipment, clening supplies? Are you contracted with Ecolab to sell the products for their dishwashing machines?
      You see mister independent, when you have their buying power and couple that with their product lines you can walk in the door and service more the 70% of a customers needs and their adding more specialty meats and produce. Next they'll start buying up liquor distributors.
      So you go in and say that you can supply them with xyz and that you take personal care of them. Sysco walks in with the whole damn alphabet and shows them how to take personal care of themselves. You know, the old "more you spend the less you pay" thing. How are you going to compete?

      Customer says " I want another delivery each week". MA says " well we need xxx amount to stop the truck, how bout we fill the order out with some produce? Or a case of beef?" The next thing you know the produce and meat companies are getting smaller orders and the customer is paying less. Now the produce and meat companies have to raise their prices to make it profitable for them to deliver to that customer, which make Sysco look more attractive to the customer.

      The more they spend the less they pay. Staples, meat, dairy, produce, seafood, equipment and cleaning supplies. It adds up quick.
      I hope you have seniority. Maybe they'll keep you after they buy you out.

    • you might be fine there....but cuts are coming...
      you have the guts to go on line and pump your own co... hats off to you ...i hope you have my opinion sysco is going into territory they have never been in before and changes are on the horizon...why do they charge some customers a 5.00 fuel/service charge and some customers no charge at all ....looks like big trouble ahead on that decision.....your management opened a big can of worms with that one.... look for big repro-
      on that one...some of your customers do share info ....and your mgmt has a "lotta splaining"
      to do.....

    • i hate this co...i have to say that i am a competitor ....mid level independant ...i cant wait to see them miss their numbers...the 800lb gorilla looks vulnerable..
      for all the independants ...gotta love it...

    • Erie, I just wanted to give you a tidbit of "real" info. , Here in Charlotte we had record sales for the last 2 weeks! I guess someone is still eating out ! Have a great day.

    • yo erie, you say you's taykin' yer sucker down where today? i missed that akshun. you be eerily wrong best I kin see. best to ya an' yer short thing. jus' try not ta think about it too much.

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