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  • heymoe_heylarry heymoe_heylarry Nov 2, 2005 10:36 PM Flag

    independant guy (cont'd)

    they desreve a friggin medal with their checks every week..(im not talking about the slouch drivers out there,thats a book in its self) beef is with the company(corporate or wannabees) guys who wave their own company flag and act like their shit dont stink....a turd is a turd is a turd...regardless of some of the circumstances for the bad qtr i think the market was going to catch up to them sooner or later, it may have happened a qtr or two sooner than expected...more later....

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    • Man it took for ever to for you to step up with that explaination. LOL

      Okay so i made a few provocative posts ans stirred up the board. Your response represents the true spirit of Sysco. You should handle the next CC.

      The people I work with are happy ay Sysco and proud to be working there. Yes we lose our share of employees, mostly in the first year but hey it's not an easy job, you have to perform.

      I can correctly answer every question you asked if you really want me to.
      #1. Yes and also daily.
      #2. Yes
      #3. Yes
      #4. Yes

      And as for the stooges question? We'll keep him in suspense. He probably wouldn't understand the answer anyway.

      The stock is coming down do to the call. I (and you) just averaged down slightly and are still up on our most recent purchase.

      The bad news is it looks like it might walk down the old down trendline. The good news is that it's been a few day and the further we get away from the call the less damaging it will be.

      The -.03 was very easy to predict. We need some help here in the next couple of weeks if we're going to post anything but "in line" for this qtr. $30.00 represents nothing but a round #. $28.50 is the support level. My first buy (in my own account) will be at or slightly below that level. If it continues down I will average down. This is a no brainer to anyone with any knowledge of this company.

      One last thing. Who ever mentioned the Joes bbq example. Yes it does make sense to sell to Joe. Every other Thursday. Joe orders a hell of a lot more the $136.00 a week worth during the summer time.

    • Curly!
      SYY still earned more in a "stinkin" quarter than you SOLD all year! Get a life! Go sell something instead of babbling on in you stooge like fashion! This company does more charity work than you sell in a year. Did you hear the conference call. EVERY employee in the effected area has been paid since the devastation. That is double D strong. Take your evil empire attitiude and shove it! The CUBE is good to it's people and it's customers! Unfortunately, we aren't so sweet to out competition like you!
      The one thing you said that I do agree with is....OUR DRIVERS ARE GREAT!!! They and our Marketing Associates are the secret to SYSCO's success!

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      • Thanks White!

      • hey dickhead...its nice to see your company stand by and help your employees.i never said they didnt or wouldn' how are you involved with them windbag? let me ak you a questuion that still remains unanswered..
        why is sysco charging some customers and not all customers the $5.00 fuel charge....alot of disresprect to you say you treat your customers right you let one slide and then fuck another one Over 5.00 lousy bucks..the one who was charged his invoice was twice the amount of the one who wasnt charged...who controls the fee you or you enter it as a line item at your free will or discretion...yeah you take care of your customers all right then you fuck them real good ....dont give me your holyier than now shit ...climb off of you perch..i think the thin air is getting to you.....

      • <<This company does more charity work than you sell in a year. Did you hear the conference call. EVERY employee in the effected area has been paid since the devastation.>>

        That's the type of stuff that hurts earnings white.

        <<The one thing you said that I do agree with is....OUR DRIVERS ARE GREAT!!! >>

        You got that right but their maxed out and if corperate decides to attempt to crank up the case count even more to try to improve earnings they'll lose even more of their highly skilled professional drivers. Like I said before OT pays 10 to 1 per gallon of fuel and now with fuel prices down it's more like 12 to one.

        <<The CUBE is good to it's people and it's customers!>>

        They used to be good to their people White. You obviously don't work there. I think the people people " resigned".

        Fuel prices are dropping fast. Those 250 restaurants will likely reopen. Their insurance will be paying for all new plates, glasses, silverware and equiptment. That's where sysco makes the most profit. Let alone all of those "reopening orders" which will be huge. Now if we can get the resorts open on time this year they will beat estimates for the current qtr.

        Sysco is an empire White and it is ran like one. Employees there are nothing but a 4 digit number and are simply deleted and replaced. It's such a smooth running operation that they actually give bonuses just for doing the job right.

        They hammered that devastion excuse into the ground during the CC. They also implied that they built the RDC too big. (info they didn't have to give) Hell they could have said the extra space was room for increased productivity but they made it clear that they're not currently expanding.

        Do some DD White and you'll see that the type of customers they're weeding out make up the bulk of the customers of some recent acquisitions. It sure seems like they've made some serious changes to the business plan. After it was in effect. JMO........js

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