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  • longstocks2002 longstocks2002 Feb 13, 2006 11:51 PM Flag


    just had to laugh at todays mad money. Cramer has been pumping syy since the stock was at 38. Even had the ceo on to pump it up more when it was in the mid 30's. Today his advice...hold your to wait until it hits $27 before you buy. yikes!!!! His inconsistency is scary but I do agree with him...atleast as of today.

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    • Do you really think money is paid to eeerie to make blatant attacks against the leaders of this company at that company's request?

      He's grinding his ax...he's a scorned employee that got the boot before the stock options became the "norm". There is jealousy/envy pouring from every post he makes!

      Maybe we can all go climb a beanstock with you Whitey and buy some pixie dust to help us make sense of your response.

      Pass the Pipe.
      Get real!

    • I don't know who Erie is, but I am impressed by the advise, and I thank you for this.

    • My apologies...weighted, not waited....two sticks of idiot butter please!

    • I have been silent for quite a while, as SYY stock performance has me perplexed! However, I break my silence to come to the aide of poor poor Erie! My friend Erie has answered this question a thousand times!!! He gets paid to post!!! He stirs the pot!!! The more you poke him the more he makes. At times Erie is a balance to a heavily waited employee driven message board. Balance is always good. Sometimes, you can even find value in what he has to say.

      As for the company's performance being related to the stock's performance, at this time they are confusing. The company continues to lead it's segment in sales, profits, profit margin, ROE, ROI,& vision (RDC, Business Review, Global Opportunities, Supply Chain Management). As to the 64% institutional holdings, it is called accumulation!!! Patience, accumulate, buy all you can and you will reap the rewards.

      Now, are there better places to put your money? Maybe, probably, maybe not. Individuals have individual needs and security requirements. My father is on a fixed income and needs capital preservation and income. My son need growth. Somewhere in between are the rest of you! If an industry leader, with a healty balance sheet, simple business model, long track record of proven results, in an insulated industry fits your needs this is an excellent PIECE of your porfollio!

      I still like this play,with the equity position or as an option play for those with a higher risk ratio. The dividend history speaks well for those interested in a balance of growth and income. Has it set the world on fire the last two years? NO! Has GE, IBM, MMM, PG, F,GM, T, AA....the list goes on and on. So therefore, all of those widows and orphans must be idiots....why not GOOG for everybody????

      Relax, study, learn, become intimate with your investments. Like many things in life, if you can't sleep with what you got, you got the wrong thing!!!

      Good luck to all, for those of you true to blue, keep on accumulating. There will just be more to sell later.

    • Well, if Erie is short...he has no complaining to do.

      only 1% insider ownership? institutions don't own it, management doesn't own it. Erie doesn't own it. Cramer might have but isn't claiming it anymore. No wonder they have the big buyback programs.

    • erie...will you ever answer the original question put to you? You can run but you can't hide!

      What is your relationship to SYY? Former employee, stock holder, bitter competitor, sold your business to SYY and didn't get enough, laid off??? What is the answer?

      Be straight with the audience you have created for your "bully-pulpit" remarks!

      By the way, total holding by the "insiders" is less than 1% only 2.6 million of 615 million shares...I have annual reports showing larger ownership than that by previous CEO'S, COO's and even the odd CFO's...DO you even get an annual report on SYY or are you just a "short" with a bad position and poor disposition about your losses?

      Answer the questions...quit hiding eeerie!

    • Whatever! BUY BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!

    • you bears are funny...Sharholders will have to wait atleast a year to see $40? oh my you poor do you sleep at night knowing you will ONLY see 30%+ gain this year. Stock will be lucky to be at 32 in a year and 35 in 2 years. and you could see the mid 20's in the meantime.

    • You want out?
      Then get out!

      SYY repurchased 15 MILLION shares over the last four quarters. So please don't say there isn't a buyer out there.
      Retained Earnings ringing in at $4.8 Billion, someone is getting ready to buy something BIG?

      Treasury Stock growing at a rate of $200+ MILLION per quarter.

      Soooo let's do the Math.

      If the stock market is open 228 days a year and SYY is buying back 15 Million shares a year then SYY is buying in excess of 65,000 shares each DAY and spending almost $2MILLION
      each DAY to buy back their stock.

      Can't have a Ca$h Flow problem....what can it be? Dividends have risen with frequency and have been paid since July 1987 with several splits along the way.
      This stock hasn't split since 12/00...maybe that's what they are getting ready to up the price to 60 and split it like they have before.

      But as for your rant that you want out...GO!
      Maybe they are going to buy something BIG?

    • oh he said that it was going to $28. Well thats good cause when he says stuff like that, stocks go up.

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