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  • airlift_ten airlift_ten Sep 28, 2006 1:24 AM Flag

    there is a difference between stupid and dumb

    As kennsian theory states,"keep looking over the horizon".

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    • I keep telling you guys......Erie.....kills me! If you just take him with a grain of salt....he is better than Leno! Keep it up Erie.....I'll just keep buying and wait for my 40!

    • <<wups - gotta go now; warren's on the phone. he calls me every morning about this time. >>>


    • That was just the orderly at your nursing home Angie.

      Your pomposity has grown tiresome. I think I will go drive the economy a bit rather than take a ride in the back seat as you do. No point in my continuing a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

    • Easy Arnie. Shirt quite full here oldtimer. The info is out there. Suffice it to say that I am quite "close" to this situation and speak from a position of authority. You do as you will. I'll keep buying.

    • Okay lunchmeat (I couldn't resist) if you say it's in place it's good enough for me. It's just an added bonus if it's there. Thanks for the info.

      As for today? Advanced trading course. Taking advantage of qtr ending window dressing, actively short any weakness you see the monday morning after the qtr ends. The weakness will likely be those who bought it up to show better #s on quartly reports pulling back out. Short early an heavy and make them sell for less but sell none the less which gives you a profit on your earlier shorting. Hammer the round #s and try to make them panic. Bottom line? Today was predictable.
      New to trading? ETFs. ETFs in oil and gold caused them both to be bought up last week. Window dressing. Again trading in both of those commodities today has been predictable so far.
      As for SYY? $38.00 to $40.00 by the end of the year. JMO.....js

    • It's all out there Ernie. I can't do all of your research for you. Start with the yearly report. Then maybe Google "Sysco" and "fuel hedge".


    • What do you mean Ermy?

    • It is not in any filing because it is not related to SEC regulations that would require a filing. Not a secret, just not related to anything the SEC would be interested in. Simply a cost control measure that intelligent companies began to put into place about 2 years ago. See my other post for more details of how they work.

    • Sysco's hedge is very similar to Southwest's and at a very similar price. Someone talked about Southwest's being pegged to the price of barrel oil. That is incorrect. It is related to the wholesale price of diesel fuel. It is not a set price, it is has a ceiling and a floor which allows the company to forecast fuel expenses and control costs. It is a rolling 18 month agreement with renegotiation clauses evey 6 months. It is essentially the same type of hedge agreement that has allowed Southwest to outperform almost every other airline it terms of profitability.

    • Did you see the peice they did a couple of weeks ago on the airlines and what they've been paying for fuel? Most of them were locked in with oil between $68.00 and $74.00 a barrel. Southwest was locked in at $36.00.

      See if you agree with my thesus here Erie. I don't think oil above $60.00 is good enough to sustain the retail rally but I see it kicking back into high gear once oil "closes" below $58.00. I know the national average for gas is in the high 2.30s but for the Dow to continue higher the transports need to confirm strength in the economy and I don't see them going higher yet. Even if OPEC is going to support $55.00 a barrel that should be good enough. $55.00 to 58.00 would get the national average down to around $2.25. But if oil stays above $60.00 there's always a chance something will happen that takes right back to $70.00 in which case restaurant stocks and SYY go right back down. Do you agree with that?...........js

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