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  • den4sen14 den4sen14 Mar 11, 2009 4:19 PM Flag

    Paid to Wait..

    It seems to me that this is an ideal stock where you're paid to wait. W/dividend approaching 5% and growing...this is a nice defensive place to park some $$. The downside SHOULD hold the lows...and yes, it could plod back...good company

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    • I was at a Red Lobster on Thursday night. It was packed. Had to wait 15 minutes for a table. They aren't upscale per se, but they aren't the cheapest chain by any stretch.

    • The same is true even in eating behaviors, according to a recent Janney Montgomery Scott report. Consumers across the income spectrum are seeking more values, with lower income households most likely to move to private-label brands and use coupons, while wealthier consumers were deciding to eat at home and not out, analyst Jonathan Feeney wrote in the report.

    • Common sense says people will still eat out. Go to a restaurant and look. Further, Sysco has clients other than restaurants. They have institutional clients whose business doesn't drop off in a recession.

      And the bottom line is that they stand either at the top, or near the top, of companies that raised their dividend this year. A 9% increase in 2009. I noticed that none of you ever responded to my post on that. It's not disputable. Not subject to opinion. It's cash.

      Yes, there's a recession. Yes, Sysco and most other companies suffer in a recession. But Sysco was still strong enough to raise their dividend 9%.

      What did your other stocks do with their dividend? And how much of a raise did you get at work?

      Sysco has raised their dividend every year of their public existence. Sysco's recent record on dividend you can see, up 9% is a bad year for them:
      2009 +9.1%
      2008 +15.8
      2007 +11.8
      2006 +13.3
      2005 +15.4
      2004 +18.2
      2003 +22.2

    • " today we have more people in this country by any measure than at any time in history. And they all need to eat. "

      Show me why they have to eat out??

      Misguided fool you are.


    • Looks good, but with a good bit of debt. If business slows, and interest rate rises- it could be a slow march?

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