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  • cig_man99 cig_man99 May 20, 1999 1:41 PM Flag

    marketing associate's position?

    How is the job and can you make any money at it at Sysco? What is the average $ Your thoughts are appreciated.

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    • that you made that connection (elephantbooks is
      my alter ego).

      I wasn't expecting a huge run
      up in the price after they announced, but I would
      have liked to see something. And, I would have thought
      that with the nice turnaround in the market this
      afternoon, that SYY would have gone with it.

      Oh Well
      - I love this stock anyway (I've held it for 5
      years which is a long time for me). It's no internet
      play but where else do you see a chart that, for the
      most part, keeps going up and up and up. It's a great
      stock to balance out some of the riskier ones.

    • Babar(alias Elephantbooks) was right. The stock
      earnings for the quarter exceeded the consensus estimate
      of 33 cents by 2 cents, but the stock dropped 56
      cents. Perhaps we will get a delayed upside move
      tomorrow. I for one am pleased with the results for this

    • earnings will be above estimates. I wouldn't exactly call this stock a short term play, but the activity lately seems to suggest a nice number will be coming.

    • This stock just hit a new 52 week high during a market
      correction!! We could easily see 40 before summers end.
      Go Sysco!!!!!!!

    • I read a Buy Recommendation on Sysco Corp. 'SYY'
      in the Sterling Investment Services' Professional
      Trader's Newsletter today. It had an upper price target of

      This newsletter focusses on technical
      analysis and is very accurate. The URL for the newsletter


    • Even if SYSCO is self-insured, that typically
      means that a corporation purchases an insurance policy
      with a very high deductible which effectively caps its
      liability at a predetermined level while it absorbs smaller
      losses. If this weren't the case, the loss of the SYGMA
      distribution facility to Midwest storms a couple of months ago
      would have completely decimated the share

      You mentioned that the accident was "a couple of days
      ago," and your message was dated 7/23. That should put
      the costs associated with the accident in the current
      fiscal year which started July 4th. If that is the case,
      then there will be zero impact on the August 3rd
      earnings report for the fourth quarter.

    • Sysco is self insured. However,$3,000,000 out of an estimated annualized pretax earnings of approximately $542,000,000, should not have any impact at all their earnings report.

    • The dist. center in Savage, MD is being shut down
      and folded into the center in Manassas, VA. The VA
      facility was ATLANTIC FOODSERVICE about a year ago which
      of course was sold to Alliant. As for the Hanover,
      MD dist. center, I'm not sure if it is still open or
      if it has been shut down. As for Alliant being on
      the market, I've been hearing rumors for quite some
      time now. I cannot see SYSCO buying unless it is just
      the customer base and the inventory; SYSCO doesn't
      need more warehouses! Possibly US Foodservice would
      make a better suitor but I don't think they have the
      cash. By the way, why are you interested in Alliant
      and/or the wholesale food business at all?

    • This will most likely be covered by insurance.
      Even if it
      wasn't it wouldn't hurt the price of
      the stock. As far as
      allicance is concerned, i
      look for Sysco to continue to look
      for buyout
      opportunities. Thats how they have grown.

    • A couple of days ago, a forklift driver at the
      Little Rock SYSCO house gouged a refrigerant line in the
      warehouse, and they had to throw away over $3-million worth
      of food.

      What will this do to the earnings
      report on August 3rd?

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