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  • born2win_2000 born2win_2000 Jan 27, 2000 11:51 AM Flag

    Sysco is the best internet gear co.

    this tech stock will likely split again this
    summer. The Sysco terabit switches will sell like hot
    cakes as internet traffic continues to grow

    Sysco will dominate the internet gear business for
    years to come..

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    • could be a concern for an insecure individual not
      qualified for the position they currently hold. The
      majority of FreshPoint employees are seasoned Produce
      Professionals and have developed long standing relationships
      with both customers and suppliers. I don't think
      anybody who realizes there is a market for quality
      personnel is scared to death - maybe just a bit nervous. I
      haven't heard about any DC closings - what do you hear?
      Don't worry about losing your job just be healthy,
      wealthy and wise though I am a little concerned about
      those double 0's.

    • Have you heard of any alleged closings of any
      freshpoint DC's. Do you think that many of freshpoints
      employees are scared to death of either losing their jobs
      or the sysco culture. Scary time in the produce

    • will certainly produce the best results. First, I
      seriously doubt that if Sysco and FreshPoint are both
      servicing an account that it would be difficult to show a
      customer the benefits of daily Produce delivery and
      increased service levels for their perishables. When the
      deal is finalized Sysco will not find itself in the
      position of sacrificing business as much as consolidating
      business and increasing efficiency. Bottom line, this is a
      people business and people still expect attentiveness to
      their needs from the Simple Simon Sub Shop to the
      Nobodys Bigger than Me Hotel Chain. I like your
      conjecture as to Sysco filling the gaps but Sysco is not
      being rolled into FreshPoint. The way I see it Sysco
      pretty much has National Coverage and is looking to pick
      up the Lionshare of the 750 Million in sales that
      FreshPoint brings to the Table. The deal when completed will
      mean different things to various FP locations but
      isn't that always the way deals of this magnitude go?

    • that FreshPoint does not have anything near
      national coverage. In fact all but a handful of companies
      are in two states. That was one of FP's biggest
      problems and probably are the root cause of the divestment

      In terms of the local street business - that may be
      a confusing mess, given that Sysco houses will not
      likely wish to sacrifice their existing business to the
      FP entity.

      Unless Sysco's intention is to
      fill in these rather gaping coverage gaps - I'm still
      in a bit of a quandary as to how this deal is really
      going to come together productively.

    • is obviously going to be a factor and may be
      likely. The interesting aspect of this will be
      geographical. Based on the map in "The Packer" (a trade
      newspaper) there are quite a few overlaps but any decision
      would probably be based on the condition of the
      warehouses involved - square footage, sanitary conditions,
      as well as the necessity of additional storage
      capacity. If you anticipate a larger share of the
      Foodservice Market then you will need additional capacity.
      Again, looking at the aforementioned map there may be
      opportunities for Sysco to utilize some FreshPoint warehouses
      as the vehicle to expand sales in certain markets
      through line expansion in those facilities. These will
      most certainly be interesting days ahead for both
      Sysco and FreshPoint people but the guessing should be
      over pretty soon. HW&W - why the interest in my hair -
      do you think you know me based solely on the content
      of my messages?

    • healthywealthyandwise00 healthywealthyandwise00 Jan 30, 2000 10:22 PM Flag

      Don't you think Sysco will ultimately consolidate as many freshpoint companies into sysco warehouses as they can. jdl129 do you have a ponytail?

    • Sysco allows the real Produce Experts
      "FreshPoint" to take care of business. FreshPoint must not
      allow too much of the broadliner mentality to be
      carried over to the real produce accounts/customers. As
      you pointed out so well, "The Produce Business has
      its own dynamics and can be as volatile as todays
      weather". It's just not the same business as handling 50
      pound tubs of Heavy Duty Mayo. Good Thoughts



    • I seriously doubt that the state of the stock
      market this week is all due to produce nervousness. Over
      the years the Produce business has proven to be quite
      successful and certainly profitable for those with the
      entrepenurial spirit. Unfortunately,the independents are going
      the way of the family farmer - selling out or being
      swallowed up. It is when the "real" produce people are
      removed from the equation that the nervousness should
      arise. The produce business has its own dynamics and can
      be as volatile as todays weather. Don't worry - Be
      happy and let people who know their business take care
      of it.

    • You are correct RH99. The sure fear of really having to get into the produce business has many very nervous.

    • is it fear and loathing of the produce business?

      Is it pure boredom with the foodbiz?

      Or is it something else?

      Your insights will be appreciated.

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