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  • cook433 cook433 Apr 21, 2000 9:03 AM Flag


    What is up with this company?
    We have delt
    with them for over 6 years and when we place a order
    we pay cash when it comes. In the last year they
    have filed up.
    The Rep. never comes around and when
    he dose you want to get rid of him. When he can he
    told us we had two bills outstanding and he could not
    take our order but we have the resites from the two
    orders payed. This is the thrid time and we prove them
    wrong again. Also they want a 15 pice order too deliver
    but their truck goes right by our place twice a week.
    as a result of the way they run their accounts we
    have to start buying from outher bussines's. It makes
    me mad that they would not take our order then when
    you prove the wrong they don't call or the rep. never
    comes back.

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    • What does this message mean? Why would Sysco want my restaurants?

    • 50+

    • Ha! Ha! ROTFL! :) That was too funny....

    • I have been the purchaser for 8 years (you
      already know how old I am). I have this down to a fine
      art, Mr. Woody411. I have THREE DELIVERIES per week
      and the groceries for BOTH restaurants are delivered
      to ONE LOCATION only! The order size each time
      ($$$$) is for the amount mentioned. Since I am not a
      franchise restaurant owner, I don't think it is possible to
      for me to have 150 million $ in sales. My DSM has
      told me for a "private" restaurant account, we are a
      PRIME account. Most "private" restaurants have a short
      life span of ~3 yrs. or less. Check out the statistics
      for yourself!
      In terms of credit/payments, I have
      never wrote for credit. I ALWAYS PAY by check or cash
      when my order is delivered. I don't make anyone "hunt"
      me down to collect on a delivery (total waste of my
      time and Sysco's time).

      I do not know what NLT
      means because Sysco has NEVER had to explain that to
      me. Thanks for explaining, I would have never known

      I have been offered trips/cruises, but have had to
      some of turn them down due lack of time. I will go to
      lunch/dinner when invited, (1-2 time a week) with company
      employees and IF I have time. The DSM wanted me to go on
      the Nobel/Sysco trip (all expenses paid) this year,
      but I don't think it is possible. I will tell you
      where it is (in case you think I am just full of "it").
      It is to be held at Turnberry Isle Resort & Club in
      Aventura, FL in June.

    • You are cold, from what I understand about the
      foodservice business is that profitability per delivery is
      what drives the profits. Taco/burger stand is not
      fair. If Jessica is successful and can open another
      unit my hat is off to her!!!!! What is your agenda?

    • We need to stick to the facts of what is going to
      drive Sysco to that magic number of 50 and not to worry
      about little Jessica that lives in the perfect "Happy
      Days" foodservice enviornment. I think, I might even
      give her a rest so she can concentrate on opening a
      third little burger/taco stand. The GP% on those type
      operations is great but you do have to deal with a limited
      mental focus.



    • Give it a rest. Jessica appears to be a loyal sysco customer, why treat her in the manner that you do? What is your intent?

    • Stop being a ass.....Jessica may be small and
      definately annoying but she's obviously a loyal

      By the way hotsh-t, your house's $150 million in
      sales is only a third of what our house sells. So I
      guess that makes your house just a pimple on the ass of
      SYSCO. Maby even a "C" house.

      good....doesn't it?


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