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  • mswagg mswagg Oct 6, 2000 6:06 AM Flag

    We are close to striking in Kansas City

    I work the night shift in KC and they made there
    final offer of 35/30/30/40 for a 4 year contract. We
    vote on it tonight at 6 pm. They also raised our
    ganyon from 90 percent every three weeks to 95 weekly.
    They said this is there final offer if it is, expect a
    strike next week because I am sure we will vote the
    offer down tomorrow! 35 cents is a joke. I will keep
    you posted.

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    • We voted contract down 135-2. Voted to strike
      again as well. Company changed offer to 35-40-45 pay
      raise. Everything else is still same. 95% per week,
      which really bites for the new guys. Wednesday, the
      stewards drew up our counter proposal and gave it to Sysco
      of KC. They have 48 hours to respond(Friday). If
      they dont fess up some more, we'll be walking shortly
      after. They gave office personnel a memo about how to
      handle a strike situation. Some customers have asked if
      we are going to strike as well. Drivers have been
      instructed to say, "Company is still in negotiations,
      nothing to worry about. Deliveries will continue." Im
      kinda lookin forward to a little time off actually.
      Little Cliff (Hitler) Hooper needs to get a reality
      check. Jim Hope(less), He's new Prez, Still isnt in
      touch with the working guy. Never has been. Both have
      there heads in the clouds. Maybe even in a dark
      anatomical hole. :)

    • i know sysco chicago just got there contract done
      not to long ago they got 50/50/50 but they also must
      do 100% on that stupid as ganyon they also where
      paying for there health ins. They won that they dont pay
      no more, sysco told them to, that this was are final
      offer they took a strike vote and was 125-o to strike
      there final offer just got better so stay togather and
      fight they are hard to beat but if you send the message
      back that we are one and stand as one they cant beat
      you the local here is teamster local 738 call them if
      you need help they are good guys and fight for there

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