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  • arbitrage_hunter arbitrage_hunter Feb 27, 2009 10:41 AM Flag

    Lots of doubt...

    Lots of doubt in the biotech sector because of Obama's policies. Not sure what kind of effect that would have GOVX but its something to consider. Bids have all stepped back which is scary, but it was only .005 which is somewhat of a relief except it was a major support. I'm looking to accumulate, but don't feel comfortable at this level anymore. Anyone else feel the same?

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    • Stockholders of this company only need ONE thing to happen now, for phase IIa clinicals to be a success. We don't need any politician to do anything. This clinical if successful will do all we need. LOTS of money will flow forth and this stock will go up 10-100 fold.

    • I can understand the doubt since Geovax is so small and only 5 companies have ever made it this far.....and all failed. With the economic disaster the U.S. is in sitting on top of us there is plenty of reasons to doubt ranging from political, financial backing, and if the vaccine works or not. The economy and political backing are wildly fluctuating now and looking worse than ever. That is certainly contributing to the lower one is willing to risk the little that they have. As for the vaccine working or not...we're waiting to see and that is where the true risk is. That risk doesn't change regardless of the other factors and we have to wait until at least June or probably more like July/August before we will get any indication of success in the HTVN test network. But, if you look at the data that has come out we are still stitting on top of a huge possibility of success, that hasn't changed a bit and as each day goes by with no news, that's another day the vaccine has not failed. I'm hoping to be financially in a position to pick up some more in about 2 or 3 months because right now I'm completely tied up as far as investing goes. Since we have to wait for results anyway, that gives the rest of the factors like the economy a chance to right themselves (or show signs of picking back up) and make for a better payoff if Geovax succeeds. Keep in mind, if this works....ALL the politicians will want to tie themselves to it and use it in their campaigns which will give it even that more exposure to the public masses.

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