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  • coppershirt88 coppershirt88 May 27, 2009 6:41 PM Flag

    Bagholders===========lower price as they bail out

    The bottomm line is THE BOTTOM LINE. Selling for profit and selling to buy back in lower are both happening.

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    • coopershirt. I have never replyed to one of your posts until now. I have to tell you that youmy friend are an azzhole. I can't believe you always think you are right. You my friend have a problem and need to get some help. You can not see the forest through the trees. I know you are going to slame me from this post how ever I don't really care. We believe in what Geovax is doing here and we are long. We don't sell to make a few cents and in my case it could be thousands of dollars but who cares Like I said we are in it because we want to see it thorugh.

      So stop all your B.S. trying to scare others to sell so you can get their shares cheeper and shut the hell up....

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      • You pumper idealists actually think you have the ability to move a stock price here. This is going down and even all of you know it. GLTA

      • i can see replying to a foo once.. but why continue... if everyone "ignores" obnoxious naysayers then they will be basically writing to themselves. So just ignore. I use to think i was helping people telling them not to listen to shorts (do your own DD) etc. thinking i was saving a little ole lady from investing or not investing because of them listening to someone they have never met nor never will meet. But then i realized that intelligent people would not buy or sell based on these chat rooms. Some info is definitely useful/helpful but I will not address someone that say's down to 12 cents... SELL... etc.. good luck with no logic behind it.. good luck longs.

    • Have you bought back in dinleberry or are you waiting for 15,16 because that will never happen again.

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