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  • coppershirt88 coppershirt88 Jun 2, 2009 8:22 AM Flag

    Youtube helped pump it, now what?

    That video may have spawned some investor interest. But that may subside soon. I believe its back to teens soon. If the youtube had not hit, it would already be under .20. JMO GL

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    • I sold today, and watching it go back down now that the pumpers are worn out on youtube. JMO GL

    • Enough, dam it. Copper hedged his bet at .20 thats all. He probably will be right but not what you all are thinking or he is about.

      Look this sh-t up on google. During the depression the stock market crashed right, then it rebounded a fair amount and people got comfortable months later and it lost more volume the second slide down. It also happened in the 70's crash. Market crashed 50%, then rebounded, then crashed months later by 60%.

      Frak people, relax. The sunami may return and that will tank all stocks not just ours.

      Hopefully not, but this assuming history does not repeat itself.

      Now can we go back to the forum of almost a year ago.


    • Copper- please clarify, if you think it will slide back in to the teens, why did you buy in the 20's? Also, when are you selling?

    • Go back and look at my posts. I took a position and it went to 20 afterwards. I should have bought more then. But still think this will slide back to teens.

    • You took a position at .24?? What person would take a position at .24, when they are absolutely positive it was going back to the teens?????? I think your full of it Copper. Do you even have a stock account? "JMO"..

    • Dude, between my friends and I, we have probably watched the video 100 times!! Peace.

    • Dude, you have got to stop drinking grannies cough meds. Quit your desperate blogs. Your falling into an abyss and you can never get out.

    • 900 hits times how many copy sends. That could be 9000 or 18000. You have no idea how many different people may have been introduced to this company/technology. My point is, that it will subside. And without news, there will be a down drift. JMO GL

    • hey copperho, i think you need to take another course in reading or take your medication for add. There have only been about 900 hits on youtube. There is something brewing and your going to miss the boat. I hope you enjoy the the fine furnishings of grannies basement because you arent ever going to leave!!!! PS. Granny sais your having sour grapes and crow for dinner. Peace.

    • Copper-

      0 Credibility-

      Exhibit A:
      Geovax is trading at .10.. You say it is going back to .09 for 6 months+. Instead it goes to .38! 2 months later!!

      Exhibit B:
      Geovax is trading at .22.. You say it is going back to the teens. Instead it goes to .29! 1 week later!!

      Now this youtube crap?? I just checked the video on youtube (1 view).. 735 views! Question-How many shareholders does Geovax have? How many shareholders go home at night and google Geovax for updates or check the boards? Answer- I guarantee you 99.9% of those views are s.holders.. Some of them twice..I have watched it 2 times myself. Then showed my wife! That video has had very little to do with anything.

      Go change your name, and come back with a fresh start.

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