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    • If you were anywhere near as bright as you want everybody here to believe you were, you would not be here all day long posting. You would be out playing if you had real money, or working to make some real money. Your just some kid playing adult. JMO GL KID

    • Liberty Media's (LMCB) bailout of Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) saved Sirius shareholders their shirts. But it's stuffed the wallets of Liberty shareholders.

      At least, that is, shareholders in Liberty Capital, the tracking stock that reflects the Sirius interest. Liberty Capital shares have more than doubled since the February deal with the satellite radio broadcaster. But Liberty Capital is still cheap.

      Consider the terms of the Sirius deal. Liberty is getting a steep 15% interest rate on its $530 million loan to the satellite radio concern. In addition, Liberty received preferred stock convertible into 40% of Sirius.

      The Sirius stock price, as low as 6 cents in February, is now around 35 cents. So Liberty's preferreds, which cost the company just $12,500, are now worth more than $900 million. Including the loan, the Sirius interest is worth roughly $15 for each Liberty Capital share - slightly more than Liberty Capital's stock price.

      And that doesn't include other assets reflected by Liberty Capital, including the Atlanta Braves baseball team and stock in Time Warner (TWX). A sum of the parts valuation by Hudson Square Research last week put a net asset value per share on Liberty Capital of $23.32.

      Given investor dislike of tracking stocks, Liberty Capital likely won't ever realize its true value. One solution: for Liberty to spin out the Sirius interest into a separate company - perhaps called Liberty Radio.

      Admittedly, that would re-create a level of complexity that became an issue with another Liberty investment, in DirecTV (DTV). Liberty is resolving that by merging its DirecTV stake into the satellite TV firm. Sirius could ultimately take similar action. In the meantime, who could be surprised by the birth of yet another Liberty?

    • Dip$hit, if it files 7 nobody would get jack sheit according to your analogy that SIRI is gone in the wind history concept. GL investing ahole.


    • And Copp.. Sorry for calling you an F'in idiot.. You just frustrate the hell out of me sometime. (trying to work on the whole anger shrink says I should explain my Anger). Hey, we keep this board interesting/dramatic at the least. Good Luck Punk!

    • Your a F'in idiot. I cant help myself, but to laugh at you. Here, I found a good read for you. It might be a little advanced, so try to take it slow.


      These are the kind of headlines that drive a stocks price right to the TOP, right cop? You moron... Do you not know debt vs. equity?

      "which agreed to buy a 40 percent stake in the pay-radio company in exchange for $530 million in loans."..

      They are LOANING them money & getting a 40% stake in the company for doing so. Who wouldn't take the deal, if you have the liquid assets laying around to do so? Im sure they (LM) have done their DD and know the liquid/hard asset value of the company in the event of liquidation. This comes to the order of liquidation:

      Secured (banks)
      Unsecured (Bond Holders-Liberty)
      Pref. Shareholders
      Common Shareholders (YOU).

      You think Liberty took a 530 million equity stake in this Company? Dip$hit!

    • I guess you have held the whole way? Yea, right. Jackarse!!!

      Oh yea, almost forgot. STUPID

    • Like I posted, if siri was worthless like you seem to think, they made a big booboo investing $530 MILLION. I guess your worth far more than that though,,,,AHOLE. Buy bonds up uranus.

    • Can everyone believe that this JOKE of an investor who told all to sell GOVX at .10 because it was going back to .09 (weeks before it went to .38), is calling people "stupid" and "losers". Really Copper? Really?? Guy you have 0, zero, nada, no, room to call people stupid.
      Can everyone believe that this CLOWN has the nerve to call people out on this board, after making dog sh@t of his own name?
      What did I tell you Copper? You have 0, zero, nada, no cred. on this board, after making one of the worst investment calls I (and many others on this board) have ever seen! BOTTOM LINE!!!!!!!! "JMO","GLTA", "LOL", "ROLF", "TTYL" >> (Its like I am reading my 12 year old daughters phone)


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