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  • cahowell3 cahowell3 Jun 27, 2009 1:15 PM Flag

    Suggestion -- Place Copper on Ignore

    Greetings to all.

    After reading about GOVX in the local Atlanta papers and hearing about the Dauphin deal in late 2006, I have been long on GOVX. My first share purchase was 5k shares of DNTK at .55 and we all know what happened to the stock post merger. Luckily I have been able to average down to .1774 over the years and have not sold a single share. In my opinion, this stock has the potential to be a goldmine.

    With all of that said, I have been following this board for about 6 months and I have heard enough about this Copper character. I know this is repetitive, but this board is so much better with Copper on ignore. I would suggest we all place him on ignore and quit talking about him, SIRI and any other topic that is not relevant to this board (i.e., let's focus on GOVX).

    Does that sound like a plan?

    Good luck to everyone.

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    • i agree... i put him on ignore and unfortunately put others on ignore that have been regularly posting on how stupid Cooper is.. Now i only have a couple of messages to read. I feel that people don't have control on their own disastisfactions or frustrations. These are probably the same type of people that cry over Michael Jacksons death and have never met him. I guess there are lonely people out there that need to feel a sense of belonging. Michael Jackson was a great artist, GREAT artist... but let's not forget his sick actions with children "yes they were true" just because you get acquitted doesn't mean you didn't commit the act? Does anyone remeber O.J. (acquitted).
      Guilty.....ya!!!! and you don't keep paying families off to make it go away if your not guilty, and Michael's rudeness in not paying his bills,100,000 to pharmacist.. and great father... ummm ya... I think every dad should hang there kid over a balcony... Good thing he didn't have a heart attack then huh.... splat!!!!.. .. people want to believe he was this great person and at one time he may have been... but the last 15 years or so.. a mess... and for all the things he did to himself... personally I don't care.. those are his choices that affect no one else.... so now i can't turn on the t.v. for about a week because of all the people crying.. michael i love... i never you knew you but i love you...sick sick sick..... ok sorry board.... i was i went a little off topic... as for cooper..... do what cahowell and I have been saying... ignore then they will be talking to themselves or other bashers. Back to GOVX.... only good things to come....

    • I do not agree with you at all not all predictions from copper have been wrong
      he gave us another goldmine named siri which I made a fortune from
      and I truly believe that this stock will not only go to 15 cents it even has a probablitiy of going to 11-12 cents. just simply think no official product for another 5-10 yrs why will any body want to put money on hold for so long i give it a hold and copper stays

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