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  • robert.worth robert.worth Feb 12, 2012 2:43 PM Flag

    Nutracea Past??

    Thanks for you very well thought out response... I am now retired and new to this trading stuff. I have alot of free time and try to dig on these companies. I went through 1,000 of the 13,000 PK listed stocks over the last two weeks and this one caught my attention, basically on them coming out of BK and the actual product.

    One thing I did notce about the 1,000 PK's I reviewed alot of new news on changing CEO's, MM, Cinese Stock and alot are in BK. Also alot of promising and speculation. Alot of false hopes and newswires with no information. I know I am on the 101 level course....

    Different on this company though, they have plants around the US, two near me in LA. One of them in actually near a Casino. I am in Texas... I may even take a drive over there to see the wharehouse to get a feel of it.. Is it legal for an investor to check like that? One thing we all should start doing is checking out actual adresses and see if there is movement and actually a building and or farm. I am on Texas and would be happy to check...

    I am most likely going to buy if I see it dip a cent or two or jump LOL..newbie I know .. From the history this baby has been holding out at around .10 which means something... And I like the play on the rice product....

    Thanks again for your response....

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    • Yahoo is censoring this so I'm breaking this into parts to see what works

      Here’s some info if you go to LA.

      LA #2 is the one on the east side of Lake Charles. When you get to the Farmers' rice mill, there are 2 white building across the side street from the mill. The first is a warehouse and has been in use by Farmers. Not sure if anything in there is Z's and there is really no way to tell what’s inside unless you wall into the entrance and that's probably not cool.

      The 2nd building is the processing facility with some storage space. It has been idle for some time and if you see any cars there, that would be new. I doubt anything has changed but you never know.

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      • LA #2 use to have a sign at the entrance saying cameras are not allowed past that point. I think that was just the old CEO scared to death some people would keep posting pictures that showed he was a liar...even though you never had to enter the property there to prove that.

      • Driving onto the properties at LA #1 and LA #2 puts you on private property and you would be subjected to any tresp$$$ (had to do this because Yahoo is censoring anything with two esses following an a) laws where they can ask you to leave and they can tell you not to take pictures while on their property.

      • It's completely legit for you to check them out and even take pictures from an investor standpoint. At LA #2, you can do a lot from the public road so nothing can be done it you stay in that area.

      • LA #1 is in Mermentau. You just hang a right at Jennings and zig zag thru town and go left on a highway for several miles. Just pull into the mill and drive around back to a white building, That will be Z's plant. You should see anywhere from 4 to 12 vehicles around the plant. You can drive around to the back and see into the facility. You'll be able to see any loading activity as well as getting an idea of what is stored there. You might see a variety of 2-ton tote bags and pallets of 50 pound bags. A surprise would be if you saw very little activity but depending on time of day and what the mill is processing, that could be normal.

    • Robert

      rskaverse could not have put it better, but one more point for you. NTRZ is no longer .PK. We got out of that January 20th when the creditors are paid back. Someone has not done the paper work to get the PK off the various sites.

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      • QB just has to do with a company that is OTCBB compliant but does not have the FINRA market makers to meet .OB liquidity and quoting requirements. It is not necessarily anything to do with BK. I'm not sure if the FINRA registration is something that Halpern could help with, but like MA says, no director has ever helped Z with anything, so I won't hold my breath.

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