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  • traderjay120 traderjay120 Jul 24, 2012 3:43 PM Flag

    NutraCea Increases Capacity to More than 100,000 Tons/Year

    Good to see management giving shareholders an update on upgrades at Irgovel. When the projects are fully online in the first quarter of 2013, raw rice bran processing capacity will increase to more than 100,000 metric tons per year.

    The last statement in the release says the expansion will significantly increase sales, does anyone have any idea of what revenue number we can expect in 2013?

    Here’s a link to the release,

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    • ..and even better the books aren't cooked.

    • miskito, they must be out August 14th or sooner, call it tw weeks. Z has not been early under Short, but not late either.

    • Sixth - When do you expect Q2 results to be public? TIA

    • On this whole DeFatted bran discussion, I remembered last November when I called into the CC> I asked if DeFatted bran was being sold and both Short and Garner talked about the chicken sausages than had it in it. Chicken needs defatted bran because it is light in color, same as chicken. RiBran is great for beef. I don't remember where pork falls.

      So, the DeFatted bran, same as the flow chart of Irgovel on the power point page 12 shows it is NOT stabilized and CAN'T be since it is being sold and stabilization is not in affect at Irgovel yet. And they have been making the product for testing for some time, but it did not have human consumption approval. They must have that approval now since they are selling to Hillshire Farms and have been since last November.

      I rest my case, Q2 could be a monster.


      I'M ALL IN

    • And one of the guys at the SH got a definite answer about the oil. The oil is NOT stabilized and won't be. What the stage 1 extruders would make, if that is true is the same thing the LA1 and California plants make now, stge 1 that leads to Stage 2 prodicts and 2 nutraceutical itmes. Note on the power point(page12) the two nutraceutical items as well as on the other 1/2 protein and fiber have dotted lines, meaning not yet online. Yet, the defatted rice bran has a solid line, which would indicate it is now being produced.

      But Kody to support what you say, animal feed is not listed on the flow chart on page 12 of the PDF at all. So, as usual, many questions are left unanswered.

    • Kody

      Where you are wrong is that the RiBran DF is NOT stabilized, according to page 12 on the May 2nd power point. Does changing the deorderizers affect the DeFatted bran? I don't think so. If I'm right, Brazil has had defatted bran all along to test. Again, why would Short put out a PR in February introducing it? I know Brad put a PR out introducing RiBran in 2008, but, he was and is BRAD and would pump a product we don't have and give competitors clues.

    • "If Z were presenting to meat processors today it would take a minumum of 18 months at best to get a product launch."

      I'm not convinced that nutraceuticals will take any longer, and might in fact be shorter. All along I have thought that Z should be selling nutraceuticals directly to consumers and to intermediaries. Start with weightlifters, move to other athletes, and from there the general consumer market Also market to certain groups with specific health issues.

      The profit margins are orders of magnitude higher.

      Patty has the right idea, but her execution is too limited. I mean, look at it this way: Today, right now, Patty is making a profit and Z is not. Duh.

    • Hound
      You are correct. I was talking about the strategy "Feed to Food". While demonstating SRB in meat labs during that period Z grew through those channels you mentioned. Sorry if I was confusing

    • I'm going to challenge you on part of that. From what I can tell, Z had very little growth in human food sales from 2004 through 2010.

      Most of the increases were from Brazil, in additional equine sales, cereal, ITV sales and other nutracuetical sales. For the most part, all of the last 3 have gone away.

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