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  • jupiter_symphony33 jupiter_symphony33 Mar 14, 2014 1:20 PM Flag


    Are you crazy, man? Buying at 10.65 is completely inadvisable.

    Let's put things into perspective here. This stock has made a completely parabolic move in a few days, going up %150 on pure speculation!

    Buying at these levels as risky and inadvisable as selling was as soon as this stock started to break out.

    Most stocks that move like this have a MASSIVE and very unexpected sell off when everyone has piled in and is least expecting it. That is the time to buy more, and not a moment before. If that doesn't happen, so what? You need to have the courage of your convictions in the market, not waver back and forth.

    Mylkveed said in his last post that he just bought back his entire stake he originally sold. That makes me think he just might be part of the pump and dump he originally claimed was happening in this stock! Originally that guy said he sold everything and claimed the stock was going back to 3 or 4. Now he is buying back his whole stake after a %150 parabolic move on pure speculation?

    No way. Either people on this board are part of the P&D and trying to mislead you, or they are just making foolish decisions. I own the shares I originally bought at 4 and I will not buy a single more share unless there is massive sell off in this name. If it goes straight up to 100 and never looks back, so be it. However, it is far more probable there will be a huge sell off and it will take everyone by surprise, and a very large number of bag holders will be created here.

    Really it doesn't matter if this is a P&D or the best thing since sliced bread. There WILL be profit taking.

    The most important thing about investing is having the courage of your convictions. If you sell thinking a stock is going to tank, then stay out until it tanks. If it doesn't , find another stock with potential and wait for it.

    I think buyers at these levels are going to be in for a very unpleasant surprise. You are getting mesmerized by the upward curve of the parabola and losing perspective.

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    • Bailed yesterday at $11.04. Good call Jupiter!

    • You forgot to mention that "milkweed" also said he still thinks this is a P&D and is betting against himself right now because he wants to increase his position. IE: I bought back the small stake I had from my HBIO shares after the spinoff to make sure I had skin in the game "in case" this is someone buying in thinking even after the self induced run up the stock is still cheap. I don't think that's the case, I still think this is a P&D and I'm rooting for this thing to get hammered at some point but I hedged my bet because if you do the math on hundreds of millions in revenues and probably something like a 25% net (orphan drug status) even if you triple shares outstanding to account for dilution to fund the transition to an operating company this stock is worth a lot more than $11/ share "assuming" they get FDA approvals.

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      • fair enough. but fundamentals aside (and we dont even have any real news yet) a move like this is, in most cases, unsustainable. there are exceptions of course. but if HART isn't one of those rare exceptions, the euphoria and buy recs here are going to end up trapping a lot of retail investors. where was maxim when HART was trading at 3 something just a few short weeks ago? TSLA went parabolic last year from 50 and held most of its gains, but look how long it had based and done nothing before that move took place. I thought you called for a downturn too soon when you originally sold and called for a return for 4, but now you are one of the few voices of reason here because at least you sense something is a little bit off on this price movement!

    • I'd also note that someone BIG bought a LOT of HART at $11+ this morning.

    • Thanks for the concern. Look at the chart for AAMC. I sold at $80, bought back at $300, and sold at $969. Spin-offs are insane. HART is obviously not AAMC, however, past experience makes me wary of selling something just because it is going up.

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      • Selling something once it has gone up is not what I advised. Like I said, I have kept the shares I bought at 4.
        What I am advising is not to buy after a 150% parabolic move. It is the ultimate high risk entry.
        Look what happened with PLUG as an example. Or on a longer time scale, look what has happened to DDD since it went from 50 to 90. (That is one which took much longer to make its move, but observe how much more quickly it is giving it all back.)
        I guess if you are ok losing 50% + of your investment in one or two days, should this start to sell off, and you have free cash to double down in that situation, you're fine.
        But the pumping on this is getting crazy. I noticed one poster here even said HART has a "great chart." Total madness. Look at the PLUG chart to see what a "great chart" like this can suddenly look like after one day's sell off.
        All internet forums now are flooded with HART pumpers saying buy buy buy (except for the one lone manic short spammer on this board today). That is not a good sign imo.

      • some will wait for this stock to get back to $6 when they should have bought it.. we will just look forward.. and make $$$

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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