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  • jrfillion jrfillion Sep 29, 2011 8:35 AM Flag

    Can we focus on objective discussion

    The MB is cluttered with attacks on klumps and I see very few posts from him. Perhaps he is a blowhard; so what! I intend to put anyone on ignore that is more interested in attacking someone than objective discussion. Please; let's talk about ARR; the pro's and con's.

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    • Hopeuflly objective doesnt mean long dong ding dong short in the dong long only cheerleading though

      klumps makes some good points

      afterall arr went from 7.30 (7.60 but had 3 divi) down to near 6.70 - thats 60 cents - thats 8.5% - sure the market rolled over hard, but dont forget in 2008 these stocks held up big time to the market and so - the suspiciion is there is a focus on these stocks and their potential risks are surfacing.

      versus hey im long - ill buy more - cant lose here - it pays a dividend - nothing to fear here.

      gobbled up 30k at 6.76 and out at .82 for most of it for quickie and ill reload dips

      buy the dips and force it to prove it can get though 7.00 but not too much forcing since divi is getting closer.

      go arr - go team go

    • Impossible to do as long as i lurk!

    • jrfillion , I FULLY AGREE with your statement ! This board should focus on ARR , which , in my opinion , is a good buy going forward with a great dividend . I have voted { yes } on the upcomming changes that ARR is proposing .

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