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  • turbofever turbofever Sep 4, 2012 4:26 PM Flag

    Looks Like the Forum Format Conversion is Complete

    Unless I'm missing where to enable key functionality, or it's some sort of feature only for paid membership... Then the message threading there is horrible and it isn't very fun to try to follow any conversation. Investors Hub seems fine for short msgs that don't have responses. It has some pluses over Yahoo but going there would be trading one set of problems for another. I wish someone over at Investors Hub would listen and upgrade their forums with basic forum functionality that's been around for decades. Then I'd gladly make the move and would beat the drums elsewhere for people to come.

    At the same time... For now I'm not bothering posting much in the way of new Yahoo messages nor spending much time reading anything here unless it looks very relevant/important to my positions. It's just too big a pain. Still hoping that in the coming weeks, Yahoo "optimizes their user experience". I suppose that ship sails and I have to look at more drastic measures (such as... Investors Hub...) once the little Yahoo message disappears from the bottom of our screen and we find ourselves with the same crappy buggy forums.

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