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    • If you trading within an IRA it important to grow it as fast as possible and keep cashing out in case of market correction as you are limited as to how much you can contribute annually.Know what i mean? if you make a losing trade or get stuck in a declining equity you cannot simply add more cash to the IRA.later

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    • The point the author of article is making is that you can greatly increase the return of your initial investment to about 30-40%. If using interactive broers who only charge a "buck" a trade the commisions are peanuts.Great article that doesnt even take into consideration the daily price spread. The author is simply using "buy on stop" prices he got off a historical chart of closing day stock prices. Know what i mean? Daily spread can reach much higher than "buy on stop" price or end of day stock price. later

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    • I agree with that article, if you are a price chaser. I just keep what I bought, cash out all dividends and sell out only when basic fundamentals change. Hopefully when I do sell out the pps will be the same or higher than what I paid.

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