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  • ladyblrm ladyblrm Jun 30, 2008 8:59 AM Flag

    Interesting post on IV

    This have been posted by a very long term VOYT's shareholder.

    It is his prediction of the future VOYT's headlines... It is, of coarse very optimistic, but bases of most of them are based on last chain of events, interview with CEO and other recent news.

    "Okay...You Asked For the Corporate PR Lineup?
    You got it:

    1.) Voyant and Harris Corporation jointly announce new ABS partnership with Google.

    2.) Voyant and Harris Corporation announce media demonstrations of their ultra-high bandwidth Airborne Broadband solution with newly announced partner Google and aboard Google’s corporate 767 jet launching and landing from NASA’s Moffett Field.

    Google and Voyant and Harris welcome the media aboard Google’s luxuriously appointed 767-200 today. Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have allowed their customized Boeing 767-200 to be fully and permanently outfitted for corporate use and welcomed aboard over 200 high level corporate officers and technical reporters to witness firsthand the ultra high bandwidth solution that the partnership is rolling out worldwide this quarter.

    Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page with customized Boeing 767-200

    3.) Voyant and Google jointly announce intent to develop WSR and accelerated data solutions at Google Data Centers worldwide. The phased deployment of the proposed solution is anticipated to cover in excess of 50,000 severs initially and later extend to the network of Google’s estimated one million computers over coming quarters.

    4.) Voyant Airborne Broadband announce Lufthansa Airways order for multiyear phased deployment of Voyant’s hybrid Airborne Broadband solution for its entire fleet of aircraft for both transoceanic and domestic flight on all its long haul routes. Public response to the ultra high bandwidth solution has been overwhelming.

    5.) RocketStream announces a series major wins with its new fully cross platform compatible middleware solution capable of open source, anytime, anywhere, any device high speed accelerated delivery of rich media high definition content including over mobile devices.

    6.) Voyant announces major joint development deal with partner, Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) for new cutting edge optics solution for the digital battlefield command and control communications platforms. Armed Forces places multimillion dollar, multiyear phased order and contract proposal.

    7.) Voyant ABS program announces today of the joint development deal with partner Harris Corporation to bring new super high gain active antenna for high definition and ultra high speed connectivity to rural areas. The company expects this leading development program to have crossover applications to Harris military clients and customers.

    8.) Voyant announces another quarter of continuing accelerating earnings and credits its rapid deployment and accelerated product to market cycle times to its ability to leverage its valuable technologies via its expanding partnering relationships across all of its many business arms.

    9.) Voyant Productions announces its launch of its new media production company as a wholly owned subsidiary of Voyant International. Voyant International’s steeply ramping recurring revenue streams have assisted in making this launch the buzz of the industry as Voyant Production rolls out its extensive library of acquired media holdings and announced intent to move into production on several major network projects.


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    • the SEC does not care about Penny stocks! period. Read up on the OTC stock exchanges, read up on something because it's obviouse you do not know what your talking about. The only person I feel bad about is Don't_mind_my_lurcking because he was a centerpoint invester. The reason they went bankrupt is due to the internet bubble. I wish there was something I could do for him and I have been burned on penny stocks before and I know what it feels like. Your going to fail from time to time, you just got to pick yourself up and try again. I am only successful because of my failures.

    • Its a board man, take it easy. People are gonna post crap coz they can. We all know lady adds 2 and 2 together and says 22, but if you are a shareholder, how does it matter what crap other people type.

      For all you know, she might be getting paid by the pondering schafer or be related to him.

      Its a stock board, say whatever you want, who cares. What matters is, Voyant delivers.

      For gods sake there are commies talking crap about libs here !! haha

    • You seem to be the only one w/ their panties in a knot about it....the SEC...LOL, yeah right, cuz they got nothing better 2 do during the banking implosion...

      what a cry baby.

    • jsd, 1st off I want to say that this is a message board for a speculative stock (voyt.) I am very pleased and thankful to lady for taking the time to share information she discovers, along with oppinions! After all,again this is a message board, putting the puzzle pieces togather to see if they fit is a very good use of the board!(IMHO) This bashing of stock along with the bashing of posters who try to control what can be posted, well seems so liberal to me!!!! Simply put her on ignore if the information goes against your idea of what should be posted....... Why should we the majority loss out on her posts because a few libs want to control? I will make a deal with you, you keep -posting...I will put you on ignore.... then you put lady on ignore.... the liberal control you propose will not work....get over it!

    • It's a known fact that ladyblrm constantly takes literature off of Scott Shaffer's website and spins it to make it appear that there are events happening that have no foundation of which to base these events on.

      No one knows what's going on inside the company unless you obviously are inside the company. And then if you are inside the company you should not be on yahoo posting about it. Either way, the posts, any post for that matter, are reportable to the SEC. If it was only 1 post then it would be less likely that there would be any interest, but many posts over periods of time is a different story.

      I for one hope she/he is reported because I get sick of reading the garbage she posts.

    • so you lost money when you invested in centerpoint?

    • You're toast. Here's my take on your statements.

      1) FALSE
      2) FALSE
      4) FALSE
      5) UNKNOWN
      6) UNKNOWN
      7) FALSE
      9) FALSE
      10) FALSE
      12)FALSE - The high was years ago.
      13) UNKNOWN

      I openly ask you to please provide links to validate you statements which I say are FALSE.

      Please feel free to also provide links to validate the UNKNOWN items. I'm sure we'd all like to know for sure. Not just what you claim.

      I sure hope you come through because the SEC complaint is a shot away.

    • Let’s be clear about what you are saying:

      “Voyant and Google jointly announce intent to develop WSR…”

      That simply means that Google and Voyant have expressed interest in the same thing in some finite window of time. They have not consummated a business relationship of any kind. They were not in the same room or on the same piece of paper at the time of announcement. I doubt Google has ever heard of Voyant.

      It’s amazing how you can manipulate facts to mean something completely different from reality. I also find it interesting that the only source of your info goes back to Scott P. Shaffer.

      Then you say:

      “Voyant Airborne Broadband announce Lufthansa Airways order for multiyear phased deployment of Voyant’s hybrid Airborne Broadband solution for its entire fleet of aircraft…”

      Prove it! That is a false statement. Show me a link of any kind that doesn’t go back to Scott P. Shaffer. We all know he is a paid pumper. And he gets a nice bonus via the free stock he got if the price goes up.

      I’m seriously thinking about reporting your statement to the SEC. Ready to back what you say?

      • 1 Reply to dont_mind_my_lurking
      • ok first off, the guy your "reporting" is posting on another forum. You would be stupid enough to report the person who copied his post into the yahoo forums. Second, Dana knows both Google CEO's personally, so yes they know about Voyant. This post was wishful thinking and some of it actually could come true, time will tell. I can't believe you think you could report someone to the SEC because a guy posted something on the forums about what he wishes could happen. I will be the first one to tell you, they will laugh in your face kinda like everyone who reads your posts do on this forum.

    • Cont.

      10.) RocketStream announces another major middleware embedding platform win with new partner Adobe.

      11.) Voyant International announces intent to launch its RocketStream wholly owned subsidiary as an I.P.O. Announces 1 for 10 distribution of new RocketStream shares for VOYT shares to VOYT shareholders of record as of December 1, 2008. This act spurs intense bidding for VOYT shares and new highs daily.

      12.) Voyant shares rocket through historical highs as the Company gains new market share within the entertainment industry for its multiple middleware hi-def platform wins and garners industry awards for its innovation and technological excellence.

      13.) Voyant International announces intent to pursue listing on Nasdaq Small Cap in 2009. Shares scheduled to forward split 2 for 1 to assist with liquidity to meet increasing buy side demands.

      Got VOYT?