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  • fergadan fergadan Jul 27, 2009 12:01 PM Flag

    Jay Elliot video: Semantic Seed hosted event


    Acually! what he said was, "my product is much more relevent outside the United States than inside the United States".

    Nice try though, and thank for giving me the opportunity to once again expose you as lying basher POS.

    It is very telling that you listened to the entire presentation and the only negative thing you could come up with was an attempt at a spin on words. AND by the way, Voyant management has been telling shareholders all along the market for Rocketstream is much better overseas than in the United States.

    Weak sputnik...weeeaaaak.

    Go get the Dunce Cap from your side-kick.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • No matter what you say there is no way this company can survive with virtually no cash, a NEGATIVE Net Tangible Asset value of $6M and NEGATIVE $13.7M Income on sales of just $479K Revenue.

      How does one even get in the position of NEGATIVE Net Income of $13.7M (with just 8-10 employees) and only have $479K in Revenue to show for it???

      Don't forget that the customer was subsidizing the WSR development and the technology was supposedly coming from the $300M IP Dana magically "acquired" from the Centerpoint bankruptcy.

      Piss poor performance from management.