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  • culleraa culleraa Mar 24, 2006 5:03 AM Flag

    Now we know...

    Well, one of the risks just realized. Although "just" was a few weeks ago to insiders.

    Hard to say whether the counter-bid is ralistic. Small co. offering 100% cash with only small color biz to offer synergies. Also it is hostile from the start, which might become friendly. Hostile is usually bad for existing mgmt perks!

    On the other hand, does provide 3rd party proof that this Amazys biz was worth at least what X-rite is paying.

    Now we have the s-4 You can see no break-up penalty! This is really stupid as such penalty, say $20m, would dissaude any "screw you" competitor reactions.

    So far Swiss mkt shows no expectation of bidding war.. and stock seems to match the x-rite current price, earlier was below. imho