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  • chiefreservoirengineer chiefreservoirengineer Mar 8, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

    A third rig added to AMZG Divide County drilling

    Very impressive. Brutal momentum.

    It is the CAPSTAR 314 rig Mowing In Rigging Up for the CHRISTIANSON well, joining the 2 NABORS rigs drilling MYRTLE and KAREN.

    "CAPSTAR 314 AMERICAN EAGLE CHRISTIANSON SWD 9-163-101 SENE 9-163N-101W DIV 90264 33023902640000 * MIRU

    NABORS 272 AMERICAN EAGLE MYRTLE 2-1-163-101 LOT 2 1-163N-101W DIV 24591 33023009630000 2/16/2013

    NABORS 49 AMERICAN EAGLE KAREN 3-2N-163-101 LOT3 2-163N-101W DIV 24969
    33023010080000 2/21/2013"



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    • Your updates are appreciated !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • chief-
      what sort of working interest does amzg have in these new wells?how come thay dont seem to own much of the wells they operate?since they appear to be decent wells for the most part wouldnt it make sense to step up and take more or are they limited in what amounts they are allowed to participate in ?

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      • You can see AMZG's recent working interest below. Additionally they recently increased their working interest in some top$ wells with SM and Samson as operators in the West Ambrose field. Evidently AMGZ participates in numerous wells. That spreads the risk like in insurance and reinsurance. It is however important to drill many wells if you want to increase proven barrels of oil in adjacent land. I take it that the main goal is to increase proven resources for the ultimate purpose of selling the company to a larger company. That larger company could be AMGZ's partner in the West Spyglass area, Crescent Point Energy Corp.

        "The Company completed three wells during January, including two infill Three Forks wells and its second Middle Bakken well within the project. The first well in this group, the Violet 3-3, was completed with a lateral length of 10,124 feet in the Three Forks zone and a 31-stage stimulation treatment. The well was put on pump and has averaged 466 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) over the first five days of production, which is consistent with the original wells in the area. The other two wells, the Muzzy 15-33S and Christianson Bros 15-33N, were drilled from a common surface location with lateral lengths of 9,787 feet and 5,420 feet, respectively. Both wells have been stimulated, cleaned out and are expected to begin pumping operations later this week. American Eagle owns an average working interest of approximately 41% in each of these three wells.
        American Eagle has drilled and cased four additional wells that began stimulation operations this week. These wells are all targeting the Three Forks zone, with two of the wells being infill locations and two of the wells developing step-out spacing units, including the first well in the Company's West Spyglass Prospect area. All four of these wells are expected to commence production by the end of March. The Company owns an average working interest of approximately 29% in each of these four wells."

    • Oooops I was too fast, and made a stupid mistake: the CHRISTIANSON SWD 9-163-101 well is a waste water disposal well. It was not listed as a water disposal under daily activity at NDOG homepage.

      SORRY about that.

      The well is drilled in the middle of the Colgan Field, and AMZG will save a substantial amount of money, when waste water from the multi-well pads is piped to the well for injection.