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  • chiefreservoirengineer chiefreservoirengineer Mar 8, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    The new rig reduces drilling cost

    "Operational Efficiencies
    Our rigs provide a unique rig design that benefits customers with lower total drilling costs. Our rigs are highly mobile with a small footprint and a small crew complement, usually two to four crew members. Our rigs are also more efficient moving between wells, requiring as few as eleven truck loads for highway moves. Our rigs move in a matter of hours rather than the days needed to move some larger, more traditional drilling rigs. These operational efficiencies accrue to the customer through lower overall drilling costs. In addition to operational efficiencies, our rig design provides some safety enhancements. We do not have a derrick man or rotary or spinning chains, and our pipe boom minimizes the pipe handling done by field personnel."