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  • ohioinvestor100 ohioinvestor100 Aug 26, 2013 3:44 PM Flag

    Like to Know

    I realize that here are many reasons why people sell a security, but I don't understand why this one has been picked.
    This new agreement with Morgan Stanley in my estimation should at least double if not TRIPLE the EBITDA the company produces per month in less than a year.
    As long as the oil price stays high, I don't see how The EBITDA would be less than 5 Million per month by this time next year. Is there a oil and gas with a better outlook (future EBITDA vs Mkt value)? if there is, I would like to know about it.

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    • I believe the company is on the road getting the story out. Volume picked up today and volume precedes price. I think we head to $3 in short order. A major listing should happen soon as well.

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    • I've been keeping an eye on the volume since Q2 and the additional press releases and frankly it has seemed a bit low to me. There have been a few large blocks (today a couple 50K blocks went through), but no volume significant enough to suggest that institutional or large retail investors are moving in. Of course, no smart investor would run up the price by buying in large blocks unless there was pressure to jump in or miss the boat. In my opinion, the slow speed of investors moving in is most likely because this stock remains a micro-cap OTCQX stock with weaker volume and low exposure. Of course, all of that could change very quickly if an agressive buyer came in or an uplisting increased the stocks exposure. I remain confident in the long term prospects for this stock - especially if the price sticks over $2/shr for the required time to obtain an uplisting.

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