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  • tradeorcry tradeorcry Apr 7, 2010 10:15 AM Flag

    THD is a Gold mine...

    Not only is the Thai economy exploding, but US investors get another advantage with extremely favorable exchange rates. A dollar invested in Thailand is worth more than a dollar invested anywhere else.

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    • "THD is a Gold mine"...
      You sound like a Judas goat trying to lead folks astray. This thing is about to drop off of a cliff with all the civil and political unrest in the country right now. When shareholders face so much uncertainty, they sell. I suspect THD sees 39 within a month. The share price volatility (uncharacteristic swings) over the last two weeks are a sign of a looming drop in shareprice.


    • I held thru the chop; the Thai economy is very attractive in my view. Tourist industry of about 7-10% GDP will be weak short term for obvious reasons. On the plus side, (in general) the banks are free of toxic debt and well capitalized and the biggest driver of GDP is agrarian exports folloed by tech ....relative to other EM countries, Thailand is one of the strongest; I am a buyer on any dips.

    • Honestly I don't recall, but I guess you're right. March maybe.

      I don't know why I even bought it. It wasn't a carefully thought out decision. Had been trying to read about trading a bit and had been watching this etf - when it had that drop due to political turmoil I thought it was possibly a good buy for a longer term hold. It's expensive to me. But after I bought I started thinking that this political situation could last longer than I had expected. And could get uglier.

      I was worrying about an almost $10K investment and one night I fould myslef waking up in the middle of night checking what's going on in Thailand and then I was like, Is this worth it? Man one shouldn't worry this much about an investment and so I got out quickly.


    • I'm pretty familiar with Thailand and the current situation there, i'm married to a Thai woman and have friends there. The Thai Baht (currency) is not worth more than a dollar anywhere else. In fact the Baht has appreciayed more against the dollar than any other asian currency in the last year. Many analysts are astounded by how strong it still is given the last 2 months events. Speculation is that the Thai central bank is supporting it. I'm amazed at how reslient it has been, and how reslient their market has been. Can you imagine our stock market if protesters and rioters took over the middle of Manhattan for 2 months and there was rioting in the streets? But you are correct...the economy has been booming! The question is, how bad will this crisis be? After Seh dang was shot yesterday, things have taken a turn for the worse. This current situation is more serious than past coups and polital could get worse. Even if the protesters leave, i don't see how a functional democracy or govt can be installed without addressing the inequities in their society. It appears the genie is out of the bottle and i wont just go back in. The rural poor, which is the majority will not go quietly thistime. During the asian currency crisi in 1997 the us dollar bought 51 it only buys concern is what happens if this civil unrest continues...or worsens....where will the baht trade? expect the instability to spread well beyong Bangkok to Issan in the Northeast, after all thats where the majority of the Red shirts are from.

    • Thailand is political unstable country. No one is willing to invest big in it. Unless the situation will change.

      I've been to Thai & I like Thai.
      People are friendly & hard working. This riot will cause many factories stop producing, stores closed, food prices go up, slow down the econ, at least for a while.

      sell now & buy back later.

    • hoffmannjohn Apr 13, 2010 8:19 AM Flag

      If you trust the unrest and the government reaction is a temporary or contained problem, then I guess you are doubling down today. However, I'm sure the more prudent advice is to say - diversify, diversify, diversify! Best of luck to you.

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