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  • docsfinx2 docsfinx2 Oct 7, 2010 3:08 PM Flag

    New to THD

    I am thinking about buying . For any of you who are more knowledgable about this fund : Any comments about what is a good entery point and do you think the run will continue or should I wait for a pull back ?

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    • Thailand's reasonably valued at about 14 times earnings, which is a bargain for a country growing as strongly as Thailand is. Thailand has a history of political instability, but the politics don't seem to spill over to the economy. Imho, the big question about Thailand is not the current political situation and elections next year, but rather what will happen after Thailand's King passes away. He's the only monarch whom most Thais have ever known, he's been King for 60 years. He's not going to pass away soon, but perhaps within the next 5 years or so.

      I've slowly built a position in this ETF and have been really happy with the returns. I don't think that Thailand's economy will slow down markedly, so I'd suggest slowly building up a position in this ETF. If political instability next year causes a pullback in this ETF's price, then I would consider this as an excellent buying opportunity. But once the King passes away, all bets are off.

      Hope this helps and happy investing.

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