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  • yb4wen yb4wen Oct 22, 2008 8:10 PM Flag

    Chart kids


    Confucus say "picture worth thousund words".

    Debt load is still there. In the best of times margins are ho hum. Are "we" in the best of times?

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    • Compared to most companies I would
      say CCK is performing quite well
      in today's environment.
      I remember someone wanting to know
      a few months ago when CCK ever hits
      $20.Well,it did and has held it for
      Go short,Gary,GO!!!!

    • Breaking news... How many people are aware that if this news comes out about Crowns ripping off their employees of Pension Benifits will maybe have an effect of how well the stock turnout will be...?

      20 out of 26 miscalculations and 13 retiree's not yet checked into as of this post..!

      This is the first and the start of the news coming out on this....

      Hello Donna....!

    • OK, so you were right, I was wrong....
      Gloating is unbecoming
      As CCK does reach old heights, and then some, we'll see who starts coming on board...
      Around that time, some of us will be heading off, buying BOA, C, JPM, DOW and other issues at beaten down levels..
      This is actually pretty easy. It may not be for a bit, but thats OK with me. I lose no sleep with my CCK...
      You predict panic, you don't understand this business; As we all eat at home, more food/drink packages will be needed, its that simple
      And, Mr Ask, "why before when" remember, the winner of the rat race.... Is still a rat!

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      • It's NOT a matter of right or wrong, merely a by-product. It's a matter of making MONEY.

        Anybody holding since 2006, three years ago, has made nun.........oops, I mean NONE.

        Old heights????????????? One clown was dreaming of $50. He might wanna focus on first things first, like $30. It hasn't been there since 2000. Eh.........nine years ago.

        Nine, nun, none, I get soooo confused.

        I've NEVER used the word panic. I have used mediocre. Also used debt load in lieu of "leverage".

        Couldn't care less how you sleep.

        Understand this business? It's ...........pssst, YOU that can't make the distinction between a paper negotiable financial instrument carried on a levered balance sheet at par merchandised perpetually by a NYSE specialist AND an operation with ho hum profit margins, return on equity coupled to interest rates at a generational low.

        Stated another way.........what are YOU gloating about??? I'm not gloating. Not yet. I will twist the knife at $9.00 per share.

        Understand the business? All those thousands of widgets having gone across the conyeors since 2006 and yet the stock price is still the same as...........2006.

        Of course YOU weren't here in 2006, eh?

        Coming on board? Huh? For an 8% ROA. Yeah, uh, huh. You betcha!

    • Here it is 5 months later. Nuthin' really changed, has it?

    • This is an unusual market; Don't focus on the chart breakdown so much..... This is simply a head fake, a shake out.
      CCK is down about thirty three percent (Dow down mid forties)
      CCK is down less than S&P is down
      When things eventually get better, and they will, I think this issue becomes the new leader; Don't borrow to buy- it may be a while; But if you own your stock- time is only your friend; Lower energy will bring improved margins as the new year unfolds. The Dollar Euro thing will stabilize- And if it doesn't- at least we can go back to Europe!! Do you really want to short this sub twenty?

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