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  • westman10 westman10 Nov 18, 2000 3:51 PM Flag

    Re: CCK versus BLL, CAN the cash flows

    t you are. I
    actually asked pat_cret the question because I was
    interested in comparing it to message 2561 and some others.
    Why the harsh replies? Most people can see what got
    it to this level. Most want to see if and when there
    is any reasonable chance for a decent return. How
    low do you want the stock to go. Lay some cards out
    there. Me, I want to pick up some bonds on Monday.
    Anyone else welcome to chime in on this one...Thanks

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    • Quarterly Financials
      Income Statement
      dollar amounts in million
      except per share amounts.
      Jun. 2000 Quarter
      Mar. 2000
      Dec. 1999 Quarter
      Sep. 1999
      Jun. 1999

      Revenue 1,876.0 1,640.0 1,801.0
      2,140.0 1,997.4

      Cost of Goods Sold 1,618.0
      1,421.0 1,566.2 1,804.8 1,660.0

      Gross Profit
      258.0 219.0 234.8 335.2 337.4

      Gross Profit
      Margin 13.8% 13.4% 13.0% 15.7% 16.9%

      Expense 78.0 85.0 80.7 85.3 91.0

      Income 180.0 134.0 154.1 249.9 246.4

      Operating Margin 9.6% 8.2% 8.6% 11.7% 12.3%

      Total Net Income (4.0) 23.0 (66.1) 118.0 99.6

      Net Profit Margin -- 1.4% -- 5.5% 5.0%

      Diluted EPS ($) (0.03) 0.17 (0.54) 0.91 0.77

      Balance Sheet Jun. 2000 Mar. 2000 Dec. 1999
      Sep. 1999 Jun. 1999

      Cash 244.0 245.0
      267.0 218.6 203.1

      Net Receivables 1,263.0
      1,210.0 1,166.0 1,651.2 1,464.0

      1,447.0 1,454.0 1,312.0 1,362.0 1,533.9

      Total Current Assets 3,064.0 3,007.0 2,841.0 3,329.0

      Total Assets 11,377.0 11,482.0
      11,545.0 12,175.3 12,124.2

      Short-Term Debt 1,750.0 1,771.0 1,531.0 2,362.7 2,847.5

      Total Current Liabilities 3,604.0 3,541.0
      3,414.0 4,290.4 4,723.2

      Long-Term Debt
      3,511.0 3,533.0 3,573.0 3,397.9 3,071.8

      Total Liabilities 8,736.0 8,703.0 8,654.0 9,194.5

      Total Equity 2,641.0
      2,779.0 2,542.0 2,629.9 2,472.7

      Outstanding (mil.) 126.0 128.1 121.1 121.9 122.4

    • Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc.

      1 Crown Way
      Philadelphia, PA 19154 Phone:
      Fax: 215-676-7245

      It's in the can! Crown Cork & Seal Company
      (CC&S) is a leading worldwide producer of packaging
      products including cans, plastic containers, and a variety
      of metal and plastic caps, crowns, and closures.
      Metal cans and related packaging are the company's
      primary source of income, accounting for almost 80% of
      sales. CC&S also makes equipment and parts for making
      cans. In addition to metal packaging, CC&S markets
      polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic containers. Its
      product portfolio consists of aerosol cans, food and
      beverage cans, motor oil cans, plastic bottles, closures,
      and other items. The US accounts for 40% of CC&S's
      sales; Europe, 46%.

      Key People
      Chairman and
      CEO: William J. Avery, $1,525,000 pay
      VC: Michael
      J. McKenna, $903,900 pay
      President and COO;
      President, Americas Division: John W. Conway, $779,000
      EVP and CFO: Alan W. Rutherford, $618,300 pay
      Corporate Technologies: Daniel A. Abramowicz

      Key Numbers

      Type: Public Company

      Fiscal Year-End: December

      1999 Sales (mil.):
      1-Yr. Sales Growth: (6.8)%

      1999 Net Inc. (mil.):
      1-Yr. Net Inc. Growth: 72.4%

      1999 Employees:

      Top Officers

      William J. Avery

      CFO: Alan W. Rutherford

      HR: Gary L. Burgess


      American National Can Group

      Income Statement
      All dollar amounts in
      except per share amounts. Dec 99 Dec 98 Dec 97

      Revenue 7,732.0 8,300.0 8,494.6

      Cost of
      Goods Sold 6,582.0 7,060.0 7,247.7

      Profit 1,150.0 1,240.0 1,246.9

      Gross Profit
      Margin 14.9% 14.9% 14.7%

      SG&A Expense 348.0
      697.0 480.2

      Operating Income 802.0 543.0

      Operating Margin 10.4% 6.5% 9.0%

      Total Net Income 181.0 105.0 294.0

      Net Profit Margin 2.3% 1.3% 3.5%

      EPS ($) 1.36 0.71 2.10

      Sheet Dec 99 Dec 98 Dec 97

      Cash 267.0
      284.0 205.6

      Net Receivables 1,166.0
      1,359.0 1,353.5

      Inventories 1,312.0 1,421.0

      Total Current Assets 2,841.0 3,168.0

      Total Assets 11,545.0 12,469.0

      Short-Term Debt 1,531.0
      2,466.0 1,784.7

      Total Current Liabilities
      3,414.0 4,710.0 4,049.3

      Long-Term Debt
      3,573.0 3,188.0 3,301.4

      Total Liabilities
      8,654.0 9,494.0 8,776.5

      Equity 2,891.0 2,975.0 3,529.2

      Outstanding (mil.) 121.1 122.3 128.4

    • How would one found out the price and cost per / m of cck and competitors ?

    • So, you thought it was a "value" at 6+ then down
      to fast money @ 4+ 2 days later. Wouldn't surprise
      me if it goes to 2+ Monday. At some point chapter
      filing or it turns. Why was it a value 30% higher?

    • Retired ballplayers still read the sports section.

    • Congrats on unloading in the 50s. So why are you hanging around. Did you buy back in? Short it? Nostalgia?

    • Just an old guy who spent 40+ years in the biz
      (only a sad few at CCK, fortunately) and knows a bit
      about what it takes to be successful in this industry.
      My financial "empire" is just fine since I was smart
      enough to unload CCK when it traded in the $50's, thank
      you. This outfit couldn't manage the business on a
      national basis; when they went global, it was time to

      Tell me, how many CCK execs have you met and talked
      with, Bully?

    • I may be buying some bonds next week too. but I'm just starting my DD. Any insight would help.

      • 1 Reply to frontlineinv
      • everyone, especially management, supporters,
        prognosticators, buy-and-holders, value buyers, and 401K'ers.

        Reading the last flurry of posts shows me that another
        round of suckers is surfacing to jump on this falling

        This issues with this company are deep rooted and part
        of the culture. Management dispises their suppliers,
        their employees, who they don't trust, and their
        customers. This is the recipe for the continuing disaster.
        The clock has run out as competitors have pulled
        ahead and customers who have been fed up for years now
        have options.

        I don't get a sense of hope with
        Conway. He has been part of the senior managment leading
        the wrong-way charge for years. Wasn't is just 12
        months ago that he was put in charge of straightening
        out the European mess? Some job he is doing

        These guys don't have a clue, and while they circle the
        wagons, and bar the bunker doors, the world moves
        forward. Without CCK.

        The damn stock is at a
        FOURTEEN year low for crying out loud. You think this
        happens because of some recent bad luck or negative
        statements by some internet columnist?

        The funds who
        have been supporting this stock for the last decade
        have pulled out. Gone.
        A 33% drop in Friday on
        over 10 times average trading volume to cap huge
        losses the previous days proves that. Those
        institutional sellers were lucky to find the suckers who think
        they see value or future potential or else it would
        have been worse. Maybe this coming week we'll see that
        the pool of suckers has run out.

        previous splits give this stock some real low downside
        potential as it retraces a downward path.

        We may see
        this become a penny stock in the near future.

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