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  • LuckyHeadToToe LuckyHeadToToe Sep 13, 2001 3:20 PM Flag

    Where is the Democracy in our Nation???

    As I look at this message board, I see only hatred. Right now, this is the last thing we need. We must keep calm. As an American if giving the chance to vote on the Declaration of War, I strongly vote NO War. If we are trying to get revange, wouldn't we as a nation be the same as Middle East nations? How are we any better than those people in the Middle East? I understand our nation lost a lot of lives and also understand how much lives we have also taken from the Middle East Countries so I want to take the chance to say " Please stop escalating this stituation from becoming another WWIII". My heart goes out to everyone of them.

    Please think it over and promote peace throughout the world.

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    • Lucky: With all due respect, you are a fucking idiot. The lives you say we took in the middle east is blatantly ridiculous. Israel won two wars, 1967,and in 1973. Each time the world made them capitulate, the only time in history anyone had to give back that which was won in war. If you had any brains, which you obviously do not, you would sit down on your head and realize that had everyone let them alone, there would be no middle east problem at all. Why? Because the only reason anyone gives a shit about the middle east is for oil. If a western country steeped in democracy controlled the oil, these fucking arab camel drivers would be the same as they are today,lazy nomads who smell, have no education or want one, jealous of their neighbors who work hard to make a living, and a life for their families, but instead live to terrorize those who have vs. themselves who couldn't grow grass where sand once was. Had the so called free world allowed Israel and their allies to control that part of the world, there would be no Quadafi in Libya, no extremists in Iran, no Sadam in Iraq and defintely no ex Saudi rich man's fucked up son who was kicked out of Saudi Arabia only to beat off in the mountains of Afghanistan. Do I make my point to you, you illiterate liberal communist?

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      • I must say, I am embarrassed that a monster, fool and ignorant character like u even exists at all in this day and age.. u know nothing, talk thru your hat, are totally illiterate about all the issure u cover and most of all, u r a total bore.. if anything, it has been our American Zionist foolish abscene abuse of power, money, influence and worse that got us in this mess, ley leaders in our community that r just a morally and otherwise bankrupt that had us driven out of best conditions in poland... member of the jewish clothe and leadership so busy engrandizing themselves and making money for ego, israel, and the holocaust that lost its way in religious teachings and the dark scary silance of most of the successful, fastly assimilated successful educated majority of American Jews, thats right, American Jews, that ceded control in their silance to idiots and blowhard morons like u, Jewish americans in vast minority that somehow allowed u to hyjak the whole process and community inflence for ill and personal gain againt thier tru beliefs, morres, teachings and inner spiritually... and in no way to do u and your kind speak for the rest as do racist KKK and nazis and worse speak for the majority of good, loving, carring people of all creeds, colours, religions, and nations around the world, regarless of preference, handicap, education, socio economic demographic profile... man, and i presume u r, u r very scary.,,,,, and sure hope u aint my neighbor or i'm not on your bus w/Ashem's justice does His job one day or visits it upon your own!!

        Sandy, as a Global somewhat balanced leader of his country, business, community, ect... speak up for moderation, containment and peace!!!

      • lrwstk, because you know so much about the history of the Middle East, maybe you could tell us about how Israel came to be in the first place.....

    • Great post, perhaps we should send the terrorists some nukes and tell them how to use them. Moron we do need to calm down a bit but we need to send a very strong response because that is all they understand. Figures your from California, who did you vote for Warren Beaty, CHEESEDICK.

    • War brings peace too..

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