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  • urstuck2000 urstuck2000 Aug 16, 2002 7:39 AM Flag


    But, hey, don't treat him badly. I mean the man has the perfect name, "GRUBMAN" and face to go with his character! All the money in the world cannot change that! Even a $2.00 whore would charge him 10.

    Now if only cancer of the throat would enter...

    Ah, yes, there is a payback somewhere.

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    • Yes the basstard and his employers faciliated the theft of over $1 trillion of american people's money and the he gets $30m for a job well done. Where in the world you can get $30m in severance to be so wrong? No where except salomon smith barney, goldman sachs, merril lynch, jp morgan, morgan stanley, and the rst of big brokerage firms. Are these companies so stupid that they pay so much severance to their analysts who have been so wrong? Not really!! They are not stupid. These analysts are getting those fat pay checks becasue they did a good job as was dictated to them. To hype, pump, and be a cheerleader to faciliatet the theft of trillions of dollars from the american people. Its sickening to see how corporate theives and white collar criminals are getting rewarded for their actions while hard working americans have lost their life savings. Instead of giving him $30 m, this bastard and people like him must be put in jail for life and their assets must be confiscated.

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