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  • urstuck2000 urstuck2000 Jun 12, 2004 10:32 AM Flag

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    You would argue that it is not nice to knock a man that's dead. But hell, I hated this pos when he was alive!

    Those idiots mourning him now and extolling his virtues never knew the man or his record. When pressed to say exactly what it was he did for the country they hem and haw and babble on about what a great communicator he was. They never mention the damage his fiscal policies did to the under privileged, the disadvantaged of this country.

    They forget history because they never read history: Mr. Reagan presided over an unmatched economic boom. Not true! Economy grew slightly faster and higher under Clinton. Mr. Reagan the most popular president of modern times. Again, not true! He was very popular during his first term but in the second term, he was hounded under the shadow of the Iran-Contra scandal. Fact is Clinton had a higher rating in his last two terms than Reagan ever did. Mr. Reagan gave the largest tax break ever in American history. True. But than followed it up with two Hugh tax increases--no other peace time president had ever raised taxes so much on so many people!

    Could say much more but Republicans are as deaf as Reagan is dead. So good riddance to him and his kind!

    As for Nancy: She is probably too busy consulting her astrologer to worry about what any of his detractors have to say.

    However, on a personal note: I remember the time when the US Department of health and education was sued by groups claiming school children were being short changed on government sponsored free lunch programs in that they were not being given the two required veggies with their meal. Regan response was,"Well, Ketchup can be considered a vegetable." I think it was Marie Antoinette who said "let them eat cake!"

    So much for history.

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    • Fuck you. Reagan was the best president the world has ever had and ever will have. Look at the poor joke that is in there now. He is not even a puss filled pimple on my asshole compared to Reagan.

    • How come folks like you always assume that those that disagree with you never read a book? We just aren't as smart and discerning as you.

      By the way, did the economy grow faster under Reagan or Carter? What was the unemployment and inflation rate when Reaganm took office and when he left?

      Any President in recent history take 49 states? God, how can there be that many morons out there? How mnany Presidential candidates have taken the number of states that Reagan took in two elections?

      By the way, tax increases were not "huge".
      Were taxes higher or lower that when he took office?

      Iran Contera? Do we have free nations in Nicaragua and El Salvador?

      I suppose you are going to give Gorbacev credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union too.
      Yeah, Nancy certainly wasn't as classy as Hillary

      Get over it.

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      • Yes, Reagan is gone! But the stench of ignorance remains. You see it reflected in the posts of gullible hero worshiping people like yourself.

        The question is simple: List the achievements which mark him as 'the greatest president of our times?"

        2 Biggest jokes of all: "suppose you are going to give Gorbachev credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union too."
        Can you honestly believe that one man can or could actually bring down the the head of state of another country? Gee, why do we have to invade other countries? Just 'communicate them' to death and defeat. Reagan was just a blip of shit on the stream of history: The current of freedom carrying this turd was not of his making.

        "Iran Contra? Do we have free nations in Nicaragua and El Salvador?"
        Check it out yourself see who and who does not run their governments-. And what of our former friend, NORIEGA? The US has put in place and backed more dictators than they have ever removed.

        The question is not what was there but how the change was accomplished. We are, or are supposed to be a land of laws; Reagan, like all other "I speak for God" idiots, used the 'ends justify the means' approach. When repeatedly quizzed on facts by investigating committees, Reagan claimed I don't remember that?" Now seems he was telling the truth: Can't even remember his name.

        Again, good riddance to him and all other demagogues!

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